Oldest driver ever (male)
Fred Hale
104 year(s):day(s)
United States ()

There are two male drivers who were issued with new driving licenses at age 104: Fred Hale Sr (USA) (b. 1 December 1890 d.19 November 2004) was issued with a driving license in February 1995 at age 104, and drove until it expired on his 108th birthday in 1998. He became the oldest living man in the world and died aged 113 years 354 days. Layne Hall (USA), whose date of birth is uncertain (b. 24/25 December 1884 or 15 March 1880) was issued with a New York State license on 15 June 1989, when he was either 104 (according to his death certificate) or 109 (according to his driving license). It was valid until his birthday in 1993, but he died on 20 November 1990.