Most magic tricks underwater in three minutes
Avery Emerson Fisher
38 total number
United States (San Francisco)

The most magic tricks underwater in three minutes is 38, and was achieved by Avery Emerson Fisher (USA) at the Aquarium of the Bay, in San Francisco, California, USA, on 11 November 2023.

Avery Fisher is an energetic teenager from the Bay Area of California. In 2020, when she was 10 years old, her dad asked her how she wanted to spend quarantine. She always loved visiting her local aquarium, so she decided to learn how to scuba dive.

She began reading all of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors materials and aced all the online exams. She started training and earned her Open Water diver certification during the summer of her 10th birthday. Since then, she’s earned 12 additional certifications and gone on more than 30 open ocean dives.

Avery is passionate about marine conservation and ocean stewardship. She has attempted several impressive dives with the intention of raising awareness and also encouraging people her age to try something cool - like scuba diving! She wanted to attempt this particular record because it sounded like fun and it may inspire other young divers.

The Aquarium of the Bay has the country’s largest tunnel aquarium and features 24,000 animals, including giant grouper, sharks, starfish, and schools of fish.

Avery attempted this record from inside the tunnel aquarium while friends and family watched in the tunnel. This was her second dive in this particular aquarium. Last year, she did a dive there on World Ocean Day.

Avery performed under a lot of environmental strain: the water was cold, about 14C degrees (58F degrees) and there were schools of fish swimming around her. She dived with several safety divers and a coach. There were lights and cameras set up to record her entire attempt.

Two independent expert witnesses were present at the record attempt: Craig and Liz Dickens. Craig is an illusion choreographer and magic trick designer who works with a lot of magicians in the world, including David Copperfield and David Blaine. Liz is a professional magician.

Avery had prepared 50 tricks but only was able to execute 38 correctly within the time frame, still beating the previous record of 20.