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A talented young magician took her performance to new depths when she claimed the record for most magic tricks underwater in three minutes.

Avery Emerson Fisher (USA), a 13-year-old girl who loves scuba diving as much as she loves magic, performed an incredible 38 tricks in the time limit.

She blew the previous record of 20, set by professional magician Martin Rees (UK) in 2020, completely out of the water.

The idea first came about during lockdown when a then-10-year-old Avery was asked by her dad Jon how she wanted to spend the quarantine.

She had always loved visiting her local aquarium and decided she’d like to learn how to scuba dive.

Avery began studying and aced all her online exams. She started training and earned her open water diver certificate during the summer and has since earned a further 12 certificates and gone on more than 30 ocean dives.

The youngster is incredibly passionate about marine conservation and ocean stewardship and hopes to raise awareness of the issues while inspiring others to give scuba diving a go.

avery fisher performing tricks underwater

Partnering her new-found passion for scuba diving with her love of magic, Avery headed to the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, California, on 11 November to show off her super skills.

Her attempt took place inside the tunnel aquarium, where temperatures were as low as 58 °F (14 °C) and schools of fish swam around her.

Family and friends watched from the tunnel as Avery worked her way through as many magic tricks as she could in three minutes.

avery fisher doing a card trick

Footage of her attempt was then reviewed by a Guinness World Records Adjudicator and a pair of expert witnesses who confirmed she had successfully executed 38 illusions.

She had prepared a total of 50 tricks.

Avery felt so at home in the tank when she was there – despite the cold – that she named the fish swimming around her during her practice sessions, including one she dubbed Zeeto who seemed keen to join in as much as possible.

avery fishers family and friends watched from the tunnel

The Mark Day School pupil trained for months for her record attempt, testing her underwater magic skills in many different bodies of water, and even earning a Scuba Magician certificate from Chef Anton, the creator of Scuba Magician, a PADI Distinctive Speciality.

Chef Anton, whose real name is Anton Riniti, said Avery became the world’s youngest Scuba Magician when he certified her at just 12 years old.

Congratulations, Avery. You are Officially Amazing! 

avery fisher getting her certificate

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