Fastest standing mile – car
Johnny Bohmer
283.232 mile(s) per hour
United States (Kennedy Space Center)

The fastest standing mile in a street car was 283.232 mph, achieved by Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing (USA) and Driver of the BADD GT at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, on 16 October 2012. Johnny used a 1700 horse power 2006 Ford GT to set the record.

The run was measured by Tag Heuer timing equipment and verified by officials from the International Mile Racing Association, who recognized the run as a new IMRA world record.

Johnny’s crew included Matt Lundy Lead Design Tech, Jeff McEachran, Frank Richert, George Brown and Matt Lilly. Sponsors of the car included Performance Power Materials, Pandalloy Extreme Performance Aluminum, Eye Candy Performance Car Care, Moran Racing Engines, Magna Fuel, MPR Racing Engines, Big Stuff NLR Power and Control, Precision Turbo & Engine, Serious Autosport, and Snow Performance.