Fastest monowheel motorcycle
UK Monowheel Team, Mark Foster
117.346 kilometre(s) per hour
United Kingdom (Elvington)

The fastest monowheel motorcycle is 117.346 km/h (72.915 mph) and was achieved by Mark Foster and the UK Monowheel Team (both UK) in Elvington, UK, on 22 September 2019.

The vehicle (named ‘Trojan’) took 15 months of preparation before the first test ride and another 9 months before it was ready for the record attempt.

The UK Monowheel Team have been building these creations for 8 years and were the previous holders of this title. Trojan is their third machine, each getting significantly faster. The team brings together a wide variety of skills, and strive to make the seemingly impossible, possible. They spent a season testing the monowheel at drag race events prior to the record attempt and estimate the project cost around £10,000.

The team consisted of five people: Mark Foster - Director of a motorsport consultancy (and amateur racer), Kevin Scott - Chief Engineer at Siemens Industrial Gas Turbines, Peter Kay - Lead Engineer at Napier Turbochargers, Tim Mann - Senior Controls Engineer at Siemens Industrial Gas Turbines and Peter Orton - Owner of a company making kayaks for competition & leisure.

They provided the following explanation for how the vehicle works: “The centre of gravity is low in the hoop and rests directly above the contact patch with ground. Engine rotates the inner structure and rider, making the centre of gravity rise in front of that contact patch. Gravity pulls it down - and the hoop rolls. Braking is done very gently. Steering is by moving your body weight sideways.”

The team believe the vehicle could still go faster and are pushing for 100 mph (160.93 km/h).

During one test run, the team encountered the crew from Top Gear and actually featured briefly in an episode which aired in early 2020.