Fastest time to complete five car stunts
Paul Swift
00:57.21 minute(s):second(s)
United Kingdom (Farnborough)

The fastest time to complete five car stunts is 57.21 seconds, achieved by Paul Swift (UK) at The British Motor Show in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, on 20 August 2023.

This record tests a driver's ability to perform, at speed, a pentathlon of stunts: driving on two wheels for 50 m (164 ft), J-turning between two cars separated by a gap just 1.5 m (5 ft) wider than the length of the car, ramp-jumping over a distance at least the length of the car, parallel parking into a space just 1 m longer than the length of the car and performing three donuts. The stunts can be performed in any order, and using one or more cars.

Stunt driver Paul, who was performing in the Cinch Live Arena at the four-day-long British Motor Show, established the record on the first day (17 August) with a time of 1 minute 15.72 seconds. He then bettered the record each day, resulting in a time of 59.80 seconds on the Saturday. On the Sunday, he made two attempts; the first one was disqualified after he clipped the rear car during the parallel park, but the second was successful, despite Paul narrowing the gap in the parallel parking stunt by 50 cm (1 ft 7.6 in). Paul also chose to use two cars for the record: he performed the first four stunts in a 2022 Ford Focus then dashed to a Ford Mustang Dark Horse for his last stunt, the donuts, which required him to turn off the traction control.

The attempts were planned and adjudicated with the help of Robert Elliott (FdSc Civils) of Scope Survey & Engineering, who measured the performance area and marked out the chalk lines for the five stunts using precision Leica iCON surveying equipment.