Longest chilli pepper
Jürg Wiesli
50.5 centimetre(s)
Switzerland (Jona)

The longest chilli pepper was grown by Jürg Wiesli (Switzerland) and measured 505 mm (19.881 in) long when authenticated by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth at the 2018 GPC Swiss Championship in Jona, St. Gallen, Switzerland, on 30 September 2018.

The record-breaking specimen, belonging to the Joe's Long Cayenne chilli variety of the Cayenne pepper (a type of Capsicum annuum) was measured in a straight line from the shoulder – the red, thickened part of the fruit base – to the top.

The Great Pumpkin Commonwealth has been setting the standard for competitive gardening since 1993, with more than 100 sanctioned weigh-off sites worldwide complying with the organization’s standardization of weights, measurements and fair competition.