Most chain links carved from pencil lead (graphite)
Koppineedi Vijaya Mohan
246 total number
India (Narasapuram)

The most chain links carved from pencil lead (graphite) is 246 and was achieved by Koppineedi Vijaya Mohan (India) in Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India, on 1 July 2021.

When Koppineedi was studying 5th class, he prepared a crane with the use of household materials. "Many of people attracted towards this. I got 1st prize when I exhibited in science fair. My family members encouraged me towards this talent and day by day improved my skill. And thus my art journey started. And here I'm, my mission is to make a mark in this field which I have chosen to embark on and to contribute to my hometown by setting up a permanent platform for aspiring artists."

"Climbing peak of Everest is easier than getting a Guinness World Records title. It's an honourable position in society. According to me he is the greatest achiever."