Most chain links carved from pencil lead (graphite)
Vijaya Bharathi M
515 total number
India (Shanmuganathapuram)

The most chain links carved from pencil lead (graphite) is 515, and was achieved by Vijaya Bharathi M (India) in Shanmuganathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India, on 1 December 2021.

Vijaya is a self-taught pencil carving artist who wants to prove to herself that she is the best. She has previously attempted this record 2/3 times before which ended in failure. She realised that she needed to have a stronger mindset to achieve this record by at least doubling the current record to ensure no one can easily beat her.

The attempt took her around a month and a half as she has a full time job. She started to practice daily after work, but connecting two pencil chains is the trickiest thing she has faced. Everyday after her work shifts, she would come home to add to her attempt. With her previous attempts, she achieved 30 links, but then she was beaten by someone with 50 links. She then achieved 80 links and was beaten by someone with 100+ links.

Vijaya doesn't have any solid plans for future attempts but hopes to do something based on artwork. Achieving this title means a lot as it's a sense of pride. She explains further "More than anything, it gives me much more confidence and satisfaction towards my passion. It supports me to prove myself to society. I started this world record journey in 2018 and I didn't give up, even after facing unexpected challenges. I will always find a way to achieve my goals. So, there are no words to express how much it means to me, it means everything."