Longest sand sculpture
TV channel kabel eins, Municipality of the isle of Rügen
27.3 kilometre(s)
Germany (Rügen)
The longest sand sculpture measures 27.3 km (16.96 miles) long and was achieved by the infotainment programme Abenteuer Leben, produced by kabel eins (Germany), with the help of 11,000 volunteers. The event took place on Schaabe beach, on the isle of Rügen, Germany, on 12 June 2011. Special non-coastal sand called "Grubensand" was used to build the sculptures. The "Grubensand", whose composition includes up to 10 percent clay, is unwashed by the sea and has therefore a rougher surface that helps the sand grains stick together. Russian sculptors were especially flown in for the record-breaking event. The record attempt was recorded with the aim to broadcast it during the 3 July 2011 episode of the show.