Longest duration deadlift with a 100 kg weight
Marcello Ferri
6:03 minute(s):second(s)
Italy (Pesaro)

The longest duration deadlift with a 100 kg weight is 6 min 3 sec, and was achieved by Marcello Ferri (Italy), in Pesaro, Italy, on 19 July 2020.

Marcello trained for his attempt by lifting a range of different weights, from 80 kg (176 lb 5.9 2 oz) to 200 kg (440 lb 14.79 oz). However, despite the rigorous training, the most difficult challenge on the day that Marcello faced was keeping concentration: "6 minutes is not only a physical endeavour, but a mental one too. If you're not [focused] all the time, your hands weaken and then open up."

Marcello is also a vegetarian and wants to show that you do not need to eat meat to achieve your strength goals.

He also dedicates this attempt to his late father.

Congratulations to Marcello on being Officially Amazing!