Most chest to ground push up burpees in 12 hours (female)
Tammy Kovaluk
6,116 total number
United States (Bend)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The most chest to ground push up burpees in 12 hours (female) is 6,116 and was achieved by Tammy Kovaluk (Canada) in Bend, Oregon, USA, on 5 June 2021.

Tammy attempted this record to raise funds for Harmony Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue for abused and abandoned farm animals, where she often volunteers. Her goal was to reach 6,001 burpees in 12 hours and raise $6,001. In the end, she was able to surpass both!

She trained for 5 months in advance of the attempt. This included weight vest burpees, weight vest push ups, and plyometric push ups, and a mixture of large sets, medium, and smaller sets to work strength, speed, and endurance.