Farthest tightrope walk in high heels
Ariana Wunderle
194.983 metre(s)
United States (Westminster)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The farthest tightrope walk in high heels is 194.983 m (639 ft 7 in), and was achieved by Ariana Wunderle (USA) in Westminster, Vermont, USA, on 16 May 2022.

Ariana was born into a circus family and has toured with the nonprofit organisation 'Circus Smirkus' since the age of 2. She has been fascinated with the concept of 'dancing' on the wire for her entire life and at the age of 7, she asked Estelle Filante (the wire walking coach at Smirkus) to teach her how to become a tightrope walker. Little did Ariana know where her walking journey would take her!

In 2018, Ariana began walking on the wire and only a few months later was she introduced to this record title. At the time, she was only 16 and unable to apply for the record, however the thought of attempting this was heavy in her mind and she decided that she would do the attempt for her senior project requirement.

Throughout her life, Ariana has struggled with self confidence and her own mental block so she was determined to achieve this title to prove to herself that she's stronger than she gives herself credit for. Walking into the event, her goal was to complete 6 passes but she was also hoping to push herself to 10. In total, Ariana achieved 52 passes of the rope which lasted almost an hour. This shocked Ariana as she now knows what she can accomplish as an individual. She achieved this record in an effort to prove not only to herself, but to the world how important it is to believe in yourself. She encouragingly says "I never could have dreamed to accomplish as much as I did with this record, and I hope that this helps illustrate the importance of striving for the impossible. Achieving this world record is not only an accomplishment for myself, but is also a reflection of the communities who have supported me throughout my life and an opportunity to inspire others to chase their dreams".