split image of skateboarding goat eyeball pop and tightrope heels walk

Some of our most challenging records are due to their distance, whether it's skimming stones or walking on a tightrope in heels. 

The fascination with these records is seeing just how far people (and sometimes animals!) can go. 

Our latest YouTube video cuts together all of the most incredible "farthest" records, from feats of endurance to awesome trick shots. 

We've pulled out ten records that show the breadth of the "farthest" records we cover, including limbo skills, hoverboard flights and skateboarding goats! 

Read on to find out more about these amazing records and where exactly you can find them in our DANG! That's Far video. 

farthest eyeball pop

Farthest eyeball pop

This record is an iconic Guinness World Records title, which many may remember from the book over the years. 

Kim Goodman (USA) has a unique talent which means she can pop - that's right, pop! - her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets. 

This record-breaking eyeball pop was measured in Istanbul, Turkey, on 2 November 2007.

Watch Kim in action at 0:25. 

longest backflip between horizontal bars

Farthest backflip between horizontal bars 

To a lot of us, gymnasts are incredibly impressive as it is, with their ability to flip, swing and jump - all while looking precise and graceful! 

But this particular gymnastics record is especially breath-taking (and a bit nerve-wracking, too). 

Ashley Watson (UK), after dismounting from one bar, soared through the air while doing a backflip, and landed on another bar that was 5.87 m (19 ft 3.1 in) away. 

He achieved the record in Leeds, UK, on 19 October 2018.

Watch Ashley's leap of faith at 2:08.

farthest backwards basketball shot

Farthest basketball shot made backwards

Shooting a hoop from the other end of the court is impressive enough, but imagine getting it in the net from over 80 ft away - while facing the other way! 

That's what Thunder Law of the Harlem Globetrotters (USA) did at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

He made a backwards basketball shot from 25 m (82 ft 2 in) away.

This record was attempted for GWR Day 2014. 

Watch this epic shot at 4:41.

farthest limbo under 12 inch bars

 Farthest distance to limbo under 12 inch bars

How low can you go?

Shemika Campbell's answer to that is under 12 inches! 

Shemika, who's from Trinidad, managed to limbo under bars that were 12 inches high for a distance of 3.1 m (10ft 2 in). 

She set this record on the set of CCTV - Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on 14 January 2016.

Shemika also holds the record for the limbo - lowest (female), managing to limbo under a bar that was just 21.59 cm (8.5 in) off the floor.

Her lowest limbo record was achieved on the set of Live! with Regis and Kelly in New York, New York, USA, on 16 September 2010.

Watch Shemika's amazing limbo action at 6:47.

high heels on tightrope

 Farthest tightrope walk in high heels 

Most people can barely walk in heels, let alone walk on a tightrope in them! 

But Oxana Seroshtan (Russia) has an unrivalled ability to balance on the thin rope in high heels.

During her attempt, she used a hand-held fan to help with balance. 

After one or two tense moments, Oxana successfully achieved the record with a distance of 15 m (49 ft 2.5 in).

This record was attempted on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Milan, Italy, on 10 July 2014.

Watch this nail-biting balancing record at 5:01.

farthest distance skateboarding by a goat

Farthest distance skateboarding by a goat

You've goat to see this record attempt in action! 

Happie, a goat owned by Melody Cooke (USA), broke this record in Fort Myers, Florida, USA, on 4 March 2012.

Happie skated for 36 m (118 ft) in a time of 25 seconds. 

Watch Happie speed along at 0:32.

farthest arrow shot using the feet

Farthest arrow shot using the feet 

Brittany Walsh (USA) is adept at hitting a target using bow and arrow - but does so using her feet! 

Not only that, but she can make the shot from a distance of 12.31 m (40 ft 4.6 in).

She attempted this record at Creston School in Portland, Oregon, USA, on 31 March 2018.

Watch Brittany's skill at 4:34.

longest hoverboard flight record

Farthest flight by hoverboard

This futuristic record was actually set back in 2016, by Franky Zapata (France), off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins, France.

He used a hoverboard, the Flyboard® Air developed by his company Zapata Racing, to fly for 2,252.4 m (7,389 ft 9 in).

To start the attempt, he first rose 50m above the sea and attempted the record at a similar height. 

Watch Franky zooming along at 01:30. 

farthest barrel roll in a production vehicle

Farthest barrel roll in a production vehicle

For the launch of their E-PACE vehicle in 2017, Jaguar attempted a gravity-defying record.

It was undertaken by stunt driver Terry Grant (UK), who holds multiple other Guinness World Records titles.

The potentially dangerous attempt was months in preparation, as a team of experts tested different ramps and perfected the run-up speed.

Watch this epic stunt in action at 0:42. 

Aaron Fotheringham longest jump

Farthest wheelchair ramp jump (WCMX)

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, a professional wheelchair motocross (WCMX) athlete, broke three record titles including this one in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2018.

He successfully landed the jump with a jaw-dropping 21.35 m (70 ft 0.5 in) and hand planted at 8.40 m (27 ft 6.7 in).

Watch this awesome wheelchair ramp jump at 2:14.