Longest solo unsupported polar ski journey

Longest solo unsupported polar ski journey
Aleksander Gamme
2270 kilometre(s)
23 January 2012

Norwegian Aleksander Gamme (Norway) skied solo for 2,260 km across Antarctica without airdrops, kites or any other form of assistance to complete the furthest unsupported solo ski in history, on 23 January 2012. He set off from Hercules Inlet in Antarctica on 29 October 2011 and arrived at the South Pole on 24 December 2011 before returning on 23 January 2012 to a point one kilometre from his original start point where he waited until 26 January to cross the finish line with two other skiers, Australians James Castrission and Justin Jones (both Australia), who had travelled a similar route together.