Longest unsupported snowkite expedition in Antarctica
Geoff Wilson
5,179 kilometre(s)
Antarctica ()

The longest unsupported snowkite expedition in Antarctica (and indeed the longest unsupported unmotorized polar journey overall) is 5,179 kilometres (3,218 miles), covered over 58 days by Geoff Wilson (Australia), who snowkited from Thor's Hammer to Novolazarevskaya Station, between 9 November 2019 and 7 January 2020. His journey went via the Point of Inaccessibility – the farthest point from any of the continent's coasts and Dome Argus – the highest point on the Antarctic Plateau, at 4,093 m (13,428 ft) above sea level (also making him the first person to summit this feature unsupported).

This surpassed the previous record of 5,013 km (3,114.93 mi) snowkited by Dixie Dansercoer and Sam Deltour (both Belgium) from 22 November 2011 to 3 February 2012.

Wilson originally intended to go via the South Pole too, which would have extended the distance to around 5,800 km (3,600 mi), however he decided to curtail his journey after a fuel leak left him concerned about not having enough fuel (for cooking etc) to last him the entire trip.

This record has been verified by the Polar Expeditions Classification Scheme (PECS). In PECS terminology, the path Wilson took is classed as a "Loop".