Meet the stars of Guinness World Records 2024

What's inside Guinness World Records 2024? 

In this section, you'll be able to read some of the most iconic Guinness World Records stories: discover amazing humans and inspirational voices, the mysteries of the ocean, the secrets of the Challenger's Deep and much more.

Our Blue Planet

Every day, at Guinness World Records, we encounter different people; different lives, different stories.

Some of them are awe-inspiring and visually impactful, some others are fun and entertaining.

And, then, other voices are inspiring in their message of positivity, acceptance and healing. 

From the depths of marine exploration with Victor Vescovo to real-life mermaids, from the largest glacier to the shallowest ocean, this year's edition of Guinness World Records focuses on our blue planet and its many, amazing records. 

Some of the highlights of this year's edition:

  • Meet Amir Menendez, the young record holder for the largest afro (male) EVER
  • Discover the wonderful ninja warrior tricks of Ginny, the oldest ninja warriror (female)!
  • Learn everything about Tommy, the 13-year-old tallest steer.

Dive into each and every one of the 2024 articles, and meet the shining stars of Guinness World Records 2024.

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