Guinness World Records is back with an ocean of never-before-seen facts.

In nine fact-packed chapters and five special features, our experts and editors have found themselves face-to-face with giant creatures of the sea like the giant Pacific octopus - the largest octopus ever, incredible strongmen, talented jugglers and (almost) real dinosaurs.

They've hunted down facts to find the most on-demand TV series and discovered the incredible world of celebs, witches and medieval tournaments to pick a selection of the most exciting and jaw-dropping records of the year.

This year, we celebrate incredible change-makers with the Hall of Fame, the pillars of tomorrow with the Young Achievers and peeled off layers of record-breaking facts with the brand-new Explainers.

“The 2024 edition is the end product of a year in which nearly 30,000 applications were reviewed by our records managers,” said Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday.

Only a small percentage of claims have made it through the selection process, so the 2,638 records featured in the book are the cream of this year's crop. - Craig Glenday

To celebrate our precious Earth and its many wonders, the book has a Blue Planet theme. 

Giant marine creatures, mermaids and pirates, sure, but also records that remind us of the immediate need to take better care of the world that hosts life. A reminder that, without blue, none of this incredible universe would exist.

"We've been inspired by our Blue Planet to celebrate many underwater records - including those set by the most impressive marine creatures, the most adventurous sailors, and even the most acrobatic mermaids!" Craig said. 

"But, as ever, we've covered the widest possible spectrum of record-breaking, from the hairiest humans to the most talented guinea pigs, the most dastardly pirates to the fastest rollercoasters, and the best-selling manga to the most celebrated athletes." 

Nicholas Cherrywood (USA) and his outstanding collection of Care Bears memorabilia

Without ever leaving your house, Guinness World Records 2024 will take you on a tour of everything incredible, fun and remarkable. 

Buckle up to discover the largest animatronic dinosaur ever on the set of cult blockbuster Jurassic Park, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and cuddle the record-breaking, colourful largest Care Bears memorabilia collection. 

From outstanding mullets to Grace Goods and her jaw-dropping hoops on fire, soaring in the sky with the inspiring feats of the oldest wing walkers or diving into the lowest lows with our marine records and deepest shipwrecks, get ready to dive into an ocean or records. 

I say it every year, but it's the best edition yet! – Craig Glenday

Simeon juggling and looking up

Simeon Graham - Most juggling catches in one minute (five, six and seven balls)

At only 15 years old, Simeon Graham’s star already shines bright.

This incredible teenager from Birmingham has reached new juggling peaks, breaking three records for

  • most juggling catches in one minute (five balls) - 423
  • most juggling catches in one minute (six balls) -396
  • most juggling catches in one minute (seven balls) - 378

Simeon caught the juggling bug early on: he started when he was only seven years old, following the footsteps of record-breaking juggling pros, and never stopped since. 

He has trained relentlessly for eight years, implementing tricks to his routines. To improve his precision, he also learned how to juggle while being on his knees.

“This means that I couldn't move around to catch bad throws so my throws became more accurate. I also practise under a low ceiling, which means my patterns have always been very low so my hand speed has been very fast since day one," he said.

Simeon grew up seeing his juggling idols including Josh Horton in previous editions of the Guinness World Records book, and had his heart set on gaining a title of his own one day.

Simeon with certificates

Although progress can be frustrating at times, Simeon kept on training every day.

“The most difficult thing about what I do is being so close to a goal but not being able to hit it,” the teenager says, demonstrating that he can power through every challenge and limit with hard work and determination.

His passion for juggling blended with his love for music, and he says that drum and bass is the best genre to juggle while using 10, 11 or 12 balls. 

But Simeon also keeps an eye on the future, despite his young age: “I like being a teacher for the next generation of jugglers to become better jugglers than myself.”

“I am over the moon,” he says now about joining his idols in the Guinness World Records annual edition.

The one thing that I love about what I do is inspiring other people to start a hobby that they are passionate about and love doing. Being inspirational is the coolest characteristic to have. – Simeon 

Tom Enoch with his certificate

Tom Enoch – Most push-up burpees in one minute (II)

Tom Enoch is an incredible 18-year-old from Leamington Spa, UK, where he lives with his mum, his sister Emily and his dog Cooper.

Tom has broken the record for most chest to ground push up burpees in one minute (II), achieving a total of 16. 

He is incredibly excited about his achievements so far: “I’m chuffed, proud and happy,” he says. 

His family, friends and girlfriend are proud as well, and all agree that Tom and his achievements have been amazing all around.

Tom has Down’s syndrome and wanted to attempt a total of 21 Guinness World Records titles to celebrate people with Trisomy 21: patients with such condition have three separate copies of Chromosome 21 in their cells – which differs from the usual two.

Showcasing incredible talent, Tom has smashed his initial goal and, to this day, has achieved over 24 titles and counting.

Tom Enoch with 2024 book

Tom's feat is part of the impairment classification record titles, which allow people to have a go at breaking records with reasonable adjustments.
Record-breaking must be open to absolutely everyone and Guinness World Records ensures a level playing field when attempting a record, implementing reasonable adjustments to promote inclusivity while allowing talents to shine.

When he is not out breaking records, Tom has a busy life training to become a fitness coach. 

Moreover, during lockdown, this young talent set up an online fitness class called TomFit that proved to be a true success: he even put social media personality Joe Wicks through his paces. 

Fully committed to his goals and dreams, Tom continues to teach his online class five times a week, while also taking part in his after-school club. 

His love for all sports shines through his record attempts and everyday life, making him a well-rounded athlete: he trains every day with his coach Jack, and he enjoys skiing once a week at his local slopes.

“I have a girlfriend called Milly," Tom says. "When I’m older I want to get married, live in a flat with my wife, grow a beard and a man bun.”

Tommy tallest steer

Tommy: The tallest steer

At 13 years old, Tommy the steer measures an incredible 1.87m (6ft 1in).

Living in Massachusetts, this unique example of pure-bred Brown Swiss has made history as the tallest steer ever, living or otherwise, reaching heights never seen before.

The average height for a Brown Swiss steer oscillates between 142 cm and 154 cm (approximately between 4 ft 6 in and 5 ft 05 in), making Tommy more than 30 cm taller than the average ‘tall’ steer.

But don’t be intimidated by his size! 

Loved and cherished by his humans, Tommy is a gentle giant that enjoys cuddles and treats. He has a mellow disposition and is especially fond of children (“he will gently put his head down so they can reach to pet him,” his owners explain).

After being saved from being sold at action during a local market, Tommy has been living with his owners (Fred Balawender and Laurie Cuevas) since he was just a day old.

“He was a large calf when they got him, but they never anticipated he would grow to such a height,” Laurie said.

He became a really large, well-loved pet right away. We hear people joke about eating Tommy but he is strictly a pet. When he passes he will be buried on the farm overlooking the beautiful hills he has been a part of for his entire life. - Laurie

@dairygoatmother Tommy loves relaxing in the sunshine. He is so calm and sweet and his coat has gotten so white in the summer sun! My Dad is good, he just wasn’t at the farm when we stopped to say hi to the big boy. ♥️ #tommytheox#firemanfarmer#sunshineboy🥰♬ original sound - Laurie C

Of course, plenty of food and love are needed to feed this beautiful and calm (albeit slightly oversized) pet. 

Tommy is fed three times a day and consumes approximately 30 lbs (13.60 kg) of dry grain, as well as more than 70 lbs (31.7 kg) of hay each day. He is also free to roam the pastures, where he’ll go on the hunt for his favourite treat: apples.

Although Fred buys him plenty of apples at the market, Tommy can never get enough of his favourite snack: that is why he learned how to push against the trees and shake the fruits down.

“He usually does all the work and his chubby cow friends run around and eat all the apples before he gets a chance. He also enjoys cinnamon buns and will eat carrots only if all his other favourite treats are gone.”

Tommy also became a true TikTok star thanks to his size, and gains more followers every day.

Ginny with green background smiling

Ginny MacColl – Oldest competitive ninja athlete (female) 

At 70 years and 90 days, Ginny MacColl (USA) has swung into the record books as the oldest competitive ninja athlete.

She was inspired to give fitness a go after cheering for her daughter Jessie Graff on during her appearance on American Ninja Warrior.

At the very beginning of her fitness journey, Ginny kept on hitting the gym with the expert guidance of a personal trainer and set herself a goal of five pull-ups: it took her a full year to complete one.

Today, as a fully fledged ninja athlete, one of her favourite tricks is climbing ropes.

And the best part of being an athlete for Ginny? That she IS one!

The best part of being an athlete for me is: I AM ONE! I had never in my life participated in sports or worked out with weights. It took me years to even consider myself an athlete! I was a dancer, however, so I had a discipline of movement. - Ginny

To this day, she follows a strict regimen with cardio and strength training four times a week, with obstacle training once a week and following mainly a balanced Mediterranean diet. 

She also sets up mutual goals and friendly challenges with her daughter, so they can both keep themselves motivated and on track. 

Keeping up with Jessie is difficult, Ginny says, but the healthy competition helps them and has been an incredible bonding experience in their mother-daughter relationship.

Ginny jumping during training

It is an exceptional bonding experience. When you share something you both love, it brings you closer. These are memories I will never forget. When Jessie was growing up, she was a mini-me…Now I think I’m a mini Jessie!

At the age of 65, Ginny competed in her very first Ninja tournaments. Only a year later, she also entered swimming competitions. 

Overall, her entire family has been instrumental in Ginny’s career as an athlete, giving her strength and support along the way. Other than her daughter being a pivotal force in Ginny’s ninja training, her husband always encourages her at every competition.

“My husband has been so supportive,” she says.

Even when I fell on the first obstacle the first time on American Ninja Warrior, he encouraged me to continue because he believed I could do it.

Her first advice to those who aim to enter ninja competitions is to take things at their own pace and have fun. 

“Take it slow. Learn how to fall properly! Learn progressions and techniques. Have fun.”

Amir menedez with basketball

Amir Menendez – Largest afro (male)

Amir is just 14 years old, he lives in California and his hairstyle is a serious business. 

His afro is the largest ever registered: an astounding 19.67 cm (7.74 in) high, 24.83 cm (9.77 in) wide, with a majestic circumference of 226 cm (88 in).

He started growing his hairstyle four and a half years ago and nourishes it with a thorough haircare routine, keeping his hair in twists most of the time. To take care of the health of his scalp he oils and moisturises it while avoiding dryness on the lengths by using dry shampoo and leave-in conditioners between washes.

Although he loves his hair and its uniqueness, there are a few challenges that Amir has to face. “For one, I feel like my hair always distracting or blocking in class so I have to twist it up,” he says.

Also, people always ask to touch it or talk about it. - Amir

Despite a few (thankfully sparse) unkind comments, Amir has mostly seen positive feedback about his hairstyle. 

“I love how unique it is, you don't see something like my hair every day,” he says. 

“Plus, it's a great conversation starter.”

Amir Menedez with sky background

In his free time, Amir is a teenager with plenty of hobbies: his favourite subject in school is science, and he likes to hang out with friends but also loves to collect shoes and trading cards. 

He plays football with his school’s team, but he dreams of becoming a virologist and study viruses when he grows up.

Today, at such a young age, Amir is already contributing to changing the world for the better: ecstatic about the record ("it's a dream come true," he confessed), he is also proud to be encouraging others to stop being ashamed of who they are. 

To those with unique physical attributes who may stand out from the crowd, Amir says: “Be proud of it, God gave you a unique trait so show it off.”

“I think that people should be proud of their natural hair and stop being ashamed of it. I see too many people with textured hair always straightening it out or putting wigs over their already healthy and good-looking hair.”


An exciting new era

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His cover artworks have taken us through an incredible adventure, from the highest sky to the bottom of the ocean.

Have fun jigsawing the four covers, and have a go at spotting all the incredible records hidden at every corner of this ever-expanding, exciting universe!

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