Attendees of the opening ceremony of the Southeast Asian Games in Singapore, and its billions of viewers worldwide, witnessed a never-before-seen spectacle last week. 
From 160 strategically placed and immensely powerful projectors around the stadium, all manufactured by leading specialist Christie Digital Systems USA Inc, shone a total of 3.86 million lumens. 
What does this mean exactly? In simple terms it is a measure of the collective power of light. In terms of what was seen at the Opening Ceremony at Singapore’s National Stadium in the Singapore Sports Hub, it translated to an unforgettable light show. And it broke the record for greatest light output in a projected image, at exactly 3,867,962.25 lumens. This was measured by a Guinness World Records adjudicator, and an independent light engineer, several days earlier.
Greatest light output in a projected image 2
Rather than simply projecting coloured light, the greater level of brightness allowed the projectors to deliver a final image of much higher-resolution than usual. Just as a high-resolution computer monitor or television offers a crisper, clearer image with far more detail, so did this light show.
So images of well known sportspeople, of newspaper reports and of iconic moments from past sporting events, and much more, flowed across the stadium floor along with stunning and eye-popping designs as over 5000 people performed in the opening ceremony. Much of the design and implementation of this delicious and delightful light show was managed by Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd.
 Greatest light output in a projected image
At such a festival of sport a few world records are always expected to fall. But Christie Digital Systems and Hexogon Solution made sure that an incredible and visually impressive record was broken before the SEA Games even began!
 Greatest light output in a projected image - Hoover Dam 1
The record breaks a previous benchmark that was set just a matter of weeks ago in spectacular style at the Hoover Dam, in Nevada, USA.
 Greatest light output in a projected image - Hoover Dam 2
Daimler Trucks North America LLC turned the landmark into a massive movie screen using 60 projectors that shone a total of 1,169,000million lumens — equal to about 1,400 household lightbulbs — to stretch videos, images, animation and an American flag onto the surface of the modern construction marvel.
Greatest light output in a projected image - Hoover Dam 3
 Six months in the making, the incredible display included live footage and recorded video.  
The video projection was equal in size to nine football fields or more than 87 average-sized IMAX screens. 
Southeast Asian Games pics: Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc