Prolific challenge driver Rainer Zietlow (Germany) is back, this time breaking the record for the fewest charge stops to cross Canada in a battery-powered electric car.

He drove over 7,000 km in seven days, stopping just 18 times to charge up his vehicle.

Rainer is the founder of Challenge4, an agency that specializes in long-distance tours and has broken multiple Guinness World Records titles over the years.

Rainer Zietlow of Challenge4 drives Volkswagen across Canada

This achievement marks his sixth record title.

Rainer accompanied by cameraperson Elric Popp, started the journey in St. John’s on 25 July and concluded in Victoria on 1 August.

Together, across seven days they travelled 7,133 km (4,432.24 miles) through eight provinces which included two bodies of water crossed by ferries which were permitted by Guinness World Records.

Rainer and Elric in front of a Volkswagen car

The car used in the attempt was once again the full electric VW iD4 Volkswagen that he had used in his previous attempt documented extensively.

However, for Rainer, it was more personal as he is a large advocate for electric vehicles and showing that they are capable of taking on long and exciting trips.

To prepare for the lengthy journey, Rainer did test drives, checked that the respective charging stations worked and weather conditions.

Rainer Zietlow drives Volkswagen car across fields

The drive took them across the entire East and West of Canada.

This included many cities including Victoria, Castlegar, Whitewood, Thunderbay, Val D'Or, St Leonard, North Sydney, and Port Aux Basques.

Amazingly, Rainer did not take any extended rest breaks, instead opting to sleep in the car to continue on the journey.

Rainer and Elric eat salads in their volkswagen

During their attempt, Rainer and Elric kept eager fans in the loop on their travels, uploading photos to their website and Instagram profile.

This is also how the record was verified by Guinness World Records Adjudicator Andrew Glass, who kept up with the duo and followed along on their website, which automatically provided their location via GPS every five minutes.

Once all the evidence was verified, the pair was awarded the certificate in Vancouver, BC.

Rainer and Elric awarded guinness world records certificate

Andrew quizzed both companions about their excursion, asking things like how many podcasts they had listened to and what percentage of driving Elric and Rainer had each taken on.

Rainer confessed that he drove 98% of the voyage!

As in the past, I had amazing support from the Guinness World Records team in any circumstances in Canada and London, and I look forward to my future attempts! - Rainer Zietlow, founder of Challenge4

We have no doubt that we’ll see Rainer breaking more long-distance driving records very soon.

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