What would happen if mechanics in your average garage just had car jacks, wheel wrenches and their bare hands to change your car wheels? Well, what's certain is that they would probably need more than 59.62 seconds to get the job done. That's the new mark for the fastest time to change all four wheels on a road car without electric tools.
Fastest Car Wheel Change Guinness World Records kfzteile24 front
Four mechanics from German automotive parts and repairs company kfzteile24 set about breaking this Guinness World Records title last January and have been training since then. More than just breaking the record, which had previously stood at 1 minute and 23.85 seconds by a fellow German team, they wanted to smash it. And so they did. 
Attempt organisers from kfzteile24 chose an appropriate setting for the record attempt, a German Touring Car Masters (DTM) race at the racecourse Lausitzring in Klettwitz, Germany.
Fastest Car Wheel Change Guinness World Records kfzteile24 
Once all tools were set and the mechanics ready, a Guinness World Records adjudicator gave the start signal and the stopwatch started to run.
 Wheel change
After just 59.62 seconds, the team, which comprised of Marco Herzlieb, Denis Werner, Gordon Neumann and Florian Walkenhors, had dismounted all four wheels of the Ford Focus and mounted them again, ensuring the mechanics had beaten the previous record by an impressive 24.23 seconds.
Fastest Car Wheel Change Guinness World Records kfzteile24 Certificate
“Congratulations to the team for the successful record attempt. It was a great performance, which shows, that everything is possible with good training and a strong willingness,” said Guinness World Record Adjudicator Eva Norroy in the certificate presentation that followed the attempt. 
Following the attempt, spectators also had a chance to test their own abilities on car wheel changing and watch the race that followed. 
Click below to watch the successful record attempt.