MadLab (Spain) has made every retro gamer's dream come true after unveiling the largest arcade machine on 18 December 2021 in Zaragoza, Spain.

The mammoth arcade machine measures 4.90 m (16 ft 1.15 in) tall and 1.98 m (6 ft 5.99 in) wide, with a depth of 1.11 m (3 ft 7.82 in) .

MadLab Zaragoza is an entertainment venue with multiple gaming experiences, including escape rooms and VR games.

The venue opened it's doors last year but only completed the incredible Tetris arcade machine in late December due to the challenges and venue closures caused by COVID-19 restrictions.

Tetris displayed on largest arcade machine

In hosting the machine, MadLab hopes that the public will come to see the machine and enjoy their various other offerings too. 

"It has been a pleasure for us and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to create the world's largest arcade machine, working with the WildBrain CPLG and Tetris teams to achieve this great title by Guinness World Records." - Raluca Gavrilovici, Global Business Manager at MadLab/Madhouse

In collaboration with MYLideas, the arcade machine is located in the La Torre Outlet shopping centre. 

The bulk of the assembly for the arcade machine was done on location, with the main challenges being the two upper parts due to it's height and scale. 

largest arcade machine being played on

The arcade machine features a working version of Tetris, a popular building block puzzle game originating from the late '80s.

To enjoy this unique experience, guests need to acquire a giant coin from reception and climb steps to reach the playable buttons. 

Creating the machine was made possible by joining forces with the Tetris company to develop a version of the classic game specifically for the machine. 

man climbs stairs to play tetris on the arcade machine

MadLab created a version of the game with a much larger than usual screen, and a super sized command system to ensure an authentic arcade machine experience!

The arcade machine is a welcome addition to their range of online brand experiences, such as SuperThings, CSI Narcos and Ghost Patrol.

madlab awarded guinness world records certificate

Love arcade machines records? Here are a couple more! 

  • Smallest arcade machine: standing at just 66.5 mm (2.61 in) tall, 33.56 mm (1.32 in) long and 29.93 mm (1.17 in) wide, built by Jonathan Charles (USA) in Germanton, North Carolina. The tiny arcade machine is capable of playing an emulated version of Space Invaders.
  • Largest PAC-Man arcade machine: launched by Bandai Namco and Raw Thrills this machine has a giant video billboard screen measuring 2.67 metres tall and 1.71 metres in width.

Congratulations to the entire team!

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