On World Earth Day 2021, Dhammakaya Foundation (Thailand) achieved the world record for largest flaming image using candles.

A total of 256,477 candles were used to create a display of the world map with a sitting Buddha.


The slogan “Earth Day, Cleanse the Mind, Cleanse the World” bordered the Earth.

The Buddhist organisation wanted to encourage everyone to stay positive by cleansing the world and mind with meditation on World Earth Day.


As everyone has been affected by the pandemic, the foundation believed that a depiction of the world map would unite everyone together during this difficult time.

Buddhists believe that merits or good acts will determine your afterlife.

“This is one of the greatest merits that made me feel blissful and at ease. I am happy to make this merit. I wish that this merit will protect our world as we light the candles for world peace on Earth Day 2021.“ - Phra Jarin Rattanawanno, Assistant Abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya

With this act, the institute hopes that this will quickly protect and keep the world safe from COVID, giving the economy a chance to improve and for everyone to enjoy a normal life.


The installation was split up into 6 sections with each group of people divided up to prepare each area.

The spots for candles were clearly marked with stickers so they could be easily placed following the specified pattern.


The attempt was shared online with over 400,000 people logging on to watch the flaming image come to life.

The online participants were displayed on the outside of the pagoda, located at the centre of the flaming image – ensuring their presence at the event.


The Dhammakaya Foundation have been organising events for World Earth Day for over 20 years, with thousands of people coming to attend.

By featuring their event on Zoom, they were able to include people who were not able to participate in person.

The foundation has also broken the record title for longest journey walking on flower petals which started in 2011 and was completed in 2015.

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