When it comes to Guinness World Records titles, Coca-Cola has multiple achievements to its name. Always a forward thinker, the brand has on a number of occasions successfully combined its global appeal with the power of record-breaking to make fans feel part of its story. 
And when it comes to international appeal, few brands have the same draw as Coca-Cola, evidenced in part by its Guinness World Records title for Most likes for a food/beverage brand on Facebook (101,096,119 at the time of writing).


A logo visible from space

In 1986 the brand celebrated its 100th anniversary by constructing the world’s Largest Coca-Cola logo.  Built using 70,000 of its world-famous glass bottles, the giant sculpture measures 50 metres tall by 120 metres wide and is so vast in scale it can only be viewed in its entirety from the sky and is in fact visible from space. 
The sculpture, which is located in northern Chile in the desert near Arica, has a fascinating history.  Each letter of the logo was constructed by a different team which arranged each bottle carefully, sinking enough of the bottle into the ground to secure it while leaving enough above the surface to reflect light.
In 2011, the sculpture was remodelled to commemorate 125 years of Coca-Cola. A team of 100 rejuvenated the sign by repairing and cleaning the bottles and updating the number underneath the logo to 125.

Celebrating anniversaries

Over the years, Coca-Cola has effectively used its popularity among consumers to create visually stunning mass participation record attempts as part of its marketing and advertising campaigns, and in 2015 the brand celebrated the 40th anniversary of its bottling plant in Nogara, Italy by inviting fans to visit the factory and join the record attempt for the Largest human image of a bottle. It was a simple tactic that paid dividends, as 664 people, all dressed in the iconic Coca-Cola red, came together to form a spectacular depiction of the Coca-Cola bottle, which measured 30 metres long by 8 metres wide. (The record has since been broken.)
Largest human image of a bottle 
The record attempt successfully achieved the brand’s dual objectives of highlighting its anniversary, while giving its fans a taste of the excitement and kudos that comes with being involved in a Guinness World Records title attempt.
Largest human image of a bottle certificate presentation

A family affair

Outside of celebrating its key anniversaries, Coca-Cola has also set new Guinness World Records titles for other marketing and advertising campaigns. In 2013, the brand created a campaign in Venezuela that set a new Guinness World Records title, highlighted the family unit and became the number one trending topic in the country on Twitter.
Initially unsure of what record to attempt, the Coca-Cola team used Guinness World Records‘s creative consultancy service to create and narrow down a list of potential record ideas. The brand decided on a new record challenge that would symbolise staying united in the face of any changes or obstacles.
To set the record, Coca-Cola would need to hundreds of people to take part in the Longest drinks pouring relay. Each of the 550 people in the relay had to cleanly pour a beverage for the person next to them, and so on down the chain.
Longest drinks pouring relay 
As part of the record attempt, Coca-Cola created a 597-foot-long (182-meter) table for participants in the relay, to signify dialogue and interaction. 
Despite the attempt taking place on the same day that Ms. Venezuela was crowned Ms. Universe, Coca-Cola stole the top spot in terms of trending topic in the country on Twitter, under the hashtag #UnRecordJuntos (a.k.a. "One record together").
The successful attempt marks the first time Coca-Cola has ventured into the Venezuelan market to break a record. 

Consumer devotion

The brand’s marketing and advertising campaigns have helped inspire such devotion among fans that individual consumers have forged their way into record-breaking history by amassing huge collections of Coca-Cola memorabilia. US-based Rebecca Flores has the Largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia with 945 different items as of 15 December 2008, which she has been collecting since 2005.
Largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia