Largest collection of  Coca-Cola memorabilia
Debbie Indicott
5,070 total number
United States (Lenoir)

The largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia 5,070 items, and was achieved by Debbie Indicott (USA), in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA, as verified on 16 March 2023.

Debbie has previously held this record title and has doubled her collection since it was last counted.

Debbie began collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia after a trip to Las Vegas in 1990. Her kitchen at the time was red and white and after visiting a diner in Las Vegas with red/white interiors and Coca-Cola memorabilia on the walls, she decided to start collecting items for her own home. The first item in her collection was a rotating sparkling light that reminded her of the flashing lights of Las Vegas, which she carried on her lap all the way home through fear of it breaking in transit.

Her favourite items in the collection are a set of 188 National Geographic adverts, as these were the hardest items to get hold of. Of the 188 her favourites are the Sublom Santas, as Debbie worked as an art teacher for many years and loved the artwork the adverts portrayed.

Despite the fact her husband's father worked for Pepsi for 30 years, only Coca-Cola is drunk in Debbie's household. Her favourite flavour is Diet Coke, but she also enjoys cherry.

Debbie is still collecting items and hopes to one day buy a vintage coke machine. She also likes collecting old Coca-Cola storage crates, particularly wooden ones with history behind them.