Comedian Ricky Gervais is at the top of his game after earning an impressive record title with one of his stand-up performances.

The star, who is also behind hit BBC TV show The Office and Netflix's After Life, has several successes under his belt, but now he can add his very own world record to the list.

The latest show from the widely talked-about British comedian, Armageddon (currently in full swing and touring arenas worldwide), has smashed the record for the highest gross for a single stand-up performance EVER.

Although the tour has been filling up arenas across the globe, it racked up an impressive total of £1,410,000 ($1,790,206.50) for Ricky’s date at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California, on 6 May 2023. 

Ricky with certificate smiling

The Californian date made history, as Ricky delivered his performance to a jam-packed amphitheatre – as he continued to take his successful new tour around the globe.  

Crowning a flourishing career, either on a screen or filling up arenas, the comedian can now add a Guinness World Records title to his (always growing) list of accolades. 

As if packing out The Hollywood Bowl wasn’t enough, now Guinness World Records wants to put me in their big book. What a year! - Ricky Gervais 

“Ricky Gervais is Britain’s biggest comedian. He sells out arenas around the world,” said Ian Coburn, Live Nation.  

Ricky will continue to tour Armageddon throughout the remainder of 2023, with three shows at London’s OVO Wembley Arena (6 Oct, 20 Oct, 13 Dec) and 11 nights at the London Palladium (13 – 16 Sept, 28 – 30 Sept, 11 – 14 Oct). 

Netflix have already bought the rights to Armageddon, which will air following the end of the tour - allowing those who miss the live show to stream it as Ricky’s next Netflix special. 

In May 2022, his previous special SuperNature landed on Netflix, becoming one of the most-watched comedy specials that year. 

A few years before, in 2018, the influential comedian had released Humanity, his first stand-up special in seven years.  

Ricky and adjudicator

Considered one of the most influential British comedians, Ricky is also the mind behind the hugely popular TV sitcom The Office.  

The mockumentary became iconic thanks to its humour and (more recently) viral clips, and was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC Two, with the first episode airing in July 2001.  

For The Office, Ricky worked both in front of and behind the camera – taking the reins of the direction and scriptwriting of the programme (alongside Stephen Merchant) while also starring as general manager David Brent. 

Across two series and 14 episodes, the series followed the day-to-day lives and struggles of the employees that work in the Slough branch of Wernham Hogg, a fictional paper company.  

The TV success has seen the show aired in more than 90 countries and has had a whopping 12 remakes.  

In particular, the NBC-produced American remake, starring Steve Carrell, ran for 109 episodes and nine series. 

Thanks to its sharp, real-life humour and engaging characters, masterfully tiptoeing the fine line between relatable and absurd, funny and realistic, the show became a comedy staple and is considered one of the most successful US remakes of a British show in more than 30 years.   

Versatile and multi-talented, the comedian has ventured into several different creative disciplines, from scriptwriting, directing and acting, to music and podcasts.  

Demonstrating once again his capability to thrive in different roles, he also wrote, produced and played the lead in Netflix’s dark comedy After Life. 

The acclaimed show premiered on 8 March 2019, running for a total of three series and 18 episodes.

The comedian has won three Golden Globes, two Primetime Emmys and seven BAFTAs across his various projects. 

When he’s not in front of the camera, Ricky is entertaining live audiences and filling up arenas with his stand-up comedy gigs. Receiving the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy 2016 BAFTA/LA, he has been out on seven international tours to date: Animals, Politics, Fame, Science, Humanity, SuperNature

Last but not least, he is currently out on the road with his most recent, record-breaking show Armageddon.  

We can’t wait to see what records Ricky Gervais will break next, as we are sure his talent and fame will keep filling up arenas worldwide. 

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