From breaking news to making headlines; TV anchors Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr (both Australia) have broken the record for the longest-serving television news anchor duo

The beloved Channel Seven Perth pair had their record confirmed in January 2022 at 36 years 361 days, and on 24th January, hit the milestone of 37 years of live broadcasting.

The duo have delivered more than 8,000 nightly news programmes throughout their careers. 

Rick and Sue holding certificates in their studio

Rick and Susannah started working together at 7NEWS, the highest-rating television news service in Australia, on 24 January 1985. 

As Rick and Susannah enter their fourth decade of collaboration, looking back at the start of their career is like venturing on a sweet trip down memory lane. 

"I’m humbled to be part of a news team Perth has watched for decades, and equally as excited about presenting the news with Sue into the future." - Rick Ardon 

Susannah Carr’s career kickstarted in 1974. 

At the time, she worked as an announcer for ABC Radio in Perth. 

Rick and Sue with white background smiling

The Australian journalist later became the first female TV newsreader for the ABC in Perth.

Rick Ardon began his media career at The West Australian, one of the most prominent daily newspapers in Perth, in 1977.

Only a year later, he moved to live news and joined Channel 7 as a news journalist. In 1985, he joined Susannah Carr as the weeknight presenter on 7NEWS.

According to Rick, the key to his success is rooted in his work as an on-the-road reporter.

In 1986, Susannah and Rick were respectively rewarded with the Logie Award for Most Popular Female, Western Australia and Most Popular Male, Western Australia.

Rick and Sue smiling with screens in the background

Today, thanks to their joint efforts, they can boast a priceless relationship with their audience, as well as the longest collaboration ever for a television anchor duo.

"Rick and Susannah are very much part of Perth’s identity," said Seven West Media WA CEO, Maryna Fewster. 

According to Maryna, with this unshakable partnership come "trust and credibility" for the channel: there are West Australians who can’t remember a time when Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr weren’t jointly delivering the weeknight bulletin. 

Without a doubt, the steady presence of the duo granted the audience a sense of continuity.

"What a fabulous journey it’s been and continues to be. Seven have the best news team, I’ve got the best reading partner and I love our relationship with the people of Perth. How lucky am I!" - Susannah Carr

Sue and Rick laughing in their TV studio

"I don’t think any of us thought in the beginning that it would ever get to this stage where we’ve been reading together 37 years, you just don’t plan on that sort of thing," Susannah Carr said at Perth Now.

After 37 years of delivering the nightly news to Western Australia, Susannah and Rick are still enthusiastic and look forward to many more years of collaboration.

With no signs of slowing down, the duo have a good chance of breaking their own record (maybe more than once!) in the future.

Sue and Rick showing TV awards