Over the years, hit ABC show Live with Kelly and Ryan has hosted a wide range of over-the-top Guinness World Records attempts, and this year was no different.

In celebration of the brand new Guinness World Records 2019 book, the show - which is watched by 2.5 million viewers daily - hosted "Record Breaker Week" from Monday 10 September-Friday 14 September by inviting an array of talented individuals to attempt records in front of a studio audience. The week also culminated in a surprise presentation to the show's executive producer for his record of Most morning talk show episodes produced for a single talk show.

Beloved hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest even tried a few!

In case you missed it, here's a compilation of the records attempted so you can catch up on all the fun that happened on set.

Most apples sliced in one minute while juggling knives (team of two)

Josh Horton started things off the week before successfully attempting the Most apples sliced in one minute while juggling knives (team of two) with his wife, Cassie – who attempted her very first title. 

For this attempt on Thursday 6 September an eager audience looked on to see the dangerous (but impressive) feat the pair had practiced for. Josh is quite the experienced record holder, holding several juggling record titles in Guinness World Records 2019

So, it was no surprise when he and Cassie achieved a new record with a total of 36 apples!

Most basketball under the leg slam dunks by a team using a trampoline in one minute

A group of talented acrobatic athletes called Xtreme Team attempted the Most basketball under the leg slam dunks by a team using a trampoline in one minute on Tuesday 11 September.

In a stunning display of energy the team leaped in the air to achieve several baskets in under 60 seconds. They achieved the record with 27 slam dunks and then Ryan and Kelly jumped in to participate in the action!

Tallest house of cards in one hour

The following day Bryan Berg came back to the show to re-attempt the record title Tallest house of cards in one hour. 

The guidelines require the tower to stand for ten minutes after the hour is up – and last time in 2009 Bryan’s creation fell just minutes short of that standard. With a very quiet and nervous set, many watched in suspense to see if the tower would collapse. Nonetheless, after a stressful ten minutes, he finally achieved the record with 26 stories.

Fastest time to wrap a person with wrapping paper

Kelly and Ryan saw guests having a blast attempting records- and decided to try this one for themselves on Thursday 13 September. 

As Kelly would be wrapping Ryan, she practiced all week with her son Joaquin – who was a very good sport. In order to obtain the record, Kelly needed to fully wrap Ryan in wrapping paper, tie a ribbon around his waist, and stick 10 commercially available bows on him in under three minutes and 30 seconds. 

A tough mark to beat, she unfortunately did not get the record – but definitely had a great time trying!

Most juice extracted from grapes by treading in one minute (team of two)

The week culminated with Kelly and Ryan going head-to-head against the Stomping Sisters to compete for the title Most juice extracted from grapes by treading in one minute (team of two). In a hilarious effort to crush as many grape as possible in one minute, both teams were eager to beat the other. Unfortunately, no one was able to obtain the title, but Kelly and Ryan seem eager to try again in the near future!