Speeding into the record books, Giuseppe Cartia (Italy) and Aspark Co.Ltd (Japan) have broken not one, but two records.

Together, they cracked the fastest average speed over eighth mile by an electric car and fastest average speed over quarter mile by an electric car at Elvington Airfield, York, UK, on 23 May.

Aspark is an engineering company based in Osaka, Japan, which has been working on the development of the Owl electric ultra-performance vehicles since 2015.

guiseppe cartia preparing for world record attempt

The car used in this attempt, the Owl EV Hypercar, has been developed by Aspark and constructed in Italy. Only 50 of the Owl EV have been produced and cost €2.5 m ($2.67 m; £2.157 m) and are reported to go from 0-60 mph in just 1.72 s.

@guinnessworldrecords Fast average speed over quarter mile by an electric car 🚙⚡ 318.857kph (198.128mph) by Giuseppe Cartia 🇮🇹for Aspark Co. Ltd 🇯🇵 #ev#electriccar#guinnessworldrecords#motorsport#speed♬ original sound - Guinness World Records

Aspark created the Owl EV Hypercar with the goal of pursuing a beautiful design without compromising unprecedented acceleration and speed, all while pushing electric vehicle technology to the limit.

So, it made sense to put the Owl EV Hypercar to the ultimate test of breaking two world record titles!

guiseppe cartia with the owl hypercar

The attempt took place at Elvington Airfield just outside of York, and Italian driver Giuseppe Cartia took to the wheel.

Prior to the attempt, GWR agreed to have these two records verified by the organization United Kingdom and International Independent Adjudication Ltd (UK&ITA).

UK&ITA are professional specialists in land speed records courses and timings, using calibrated and accurate equipment to measure everything precisely.

owl hypercar speeding down the runway

To measure the vehicle speeds over the two different record distances (eight mile and quarter mile), special measuring beams were put in place. 

Each record attempt compromised of two runs along the Elvington runway, within a maximum of 120 minutes between runs, and the average speed was calculated from these two runs.

Under sunny weather conditions and the watchful eye of Adjudicator Glenn Pollard, Giuseppe completed four runs each, providing valid times and speed for each distance.

owl hypercar on elvington airfield

The final two averages were the fastest and accepted as the new records with Giuseppe achieving 309.027 kph (192.020 mph) for the eight mile and 318.857 kph (198.128 mph) for the quarter mile.

With this, two certificates were presented to Aspark CEO, Masanori Yoshida, who had flown in from Japan to witness the attempt himself!

"It is a delight to set two new Guinness World Records titles. We wanted to show that the Owl is not only a beautiful looking machine but it can demonstrate high amazing acceleration and speed delivered by its powerful motors." - Masanori Yoshida, Aspark CEO

masanori yoshida with guinness world records certificates

Speed records have proven popular in the past, with the fastest towed bicycle broken by Elias Schwärzler (Austria), racking up a speed of 272.934 km/h (169.593 mph) in Schipkau, Germany on 22 May 2022.

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