In a grand ensemble of colourful vehicles, Practico Consultant Group Corporation, based in Puerto Rico, has set a brand new record title.
Owners of some incredible antique automobiles brought their prized possessions to take part in an attempt organised by the company for the Largest parade of classic cars record in the nation’s capital of San Juan. 

Largest parade of classic cars
Aiming to better a benchmark set by History Latinoamérica of Mexico in 2014, those who participated in the historic parade needed to beat a minimum of 1,674 cars. 
"We decided that we were going to achieve it. It required a lot of effort and dedication," said Ferdinand Perez, organiser of the event. 
On the day, a grand total of 2,491 vintage vehicles took part in parade to ensure Practico Consultant Group Corporation had beaten the mark by a huge margin. 
Largest parade of classic cars 2
The cars were required to drive around a 5.1 km track without stopping in order to count towards the final total. 
Additionally, each vehicle needed to be at least 30 years old to qualify for the parade.
Perez was grateful to "everybody who collaborated in one way or another to make this event a success," particularly the owners of the cars, who were considered the “heroes of this event."
Largest parade of classic cars 4