Restaurant group Vapiano (Germany) has re-claimed the record for most people eating a single piece of spaghetti simultaneously with 465 couples taking up the romantic gesture.

The record attempt took place on 6 July to coincide with International Kissing Day, adding to the loved-up atmosphere.

The European restaurant group franchise specialises in offering fresh, handmade pasta and pizza at their branches worldwide.

couples await to take part in spaghetti eating record attempt

The chain first broke the record in 2020 to celebrate the launch of their limited-edition Italian Kiss pasta dish which consisted of 60-cm long pieces of linguine. 

An 'Italian Kiss' is when a piece of spaghetti is shared as a pair, before the pasta breaks or leads the two participants' lips to meet.

The romantic moment will be very recognizable to fans of Disney film Lady and the Tramp.

After their record was broken, Vapiano set out to take it back.

pairs of people sit within the airport hangar awaiting start of the record attempt

The latest attempt took place in the Tempelhof airport hangar in Berlin with hundreds of tables set up awaiting eager participants.

Matching the romantic mood of the record, the venue was decorated to resemble a restaurant with tables dressed up in classic red tablecloths along with four bars and a stage.

According to Vapiano, it took over 20 hours to set this all up!

To keep track of couples taking part in the attempt, each one had to take a professional photo upon entry which was registered along with them being given a wristband.

hundreds of pairs take part in italian kiss spaghetti gesture

The spaghetti was made with the help of a mobile kitchen that was set up within the airport hangar.

With all the couples ready and seated, it was time for the official attempt.

After the start signal from the Guinness World Records Adjudicator, all participants placed the piece of spaghetti in their mouths and began eating at the same time.

For the attempt to be valid, the spaghetti couldn’t break between two participants (meaning they had to kiss) and the single piece would have to be consumed by both within 30 seconds.

couples take part in most couples eating a single piece of spaghetti simultaneously record

Due to the large scale of the event, there were also 12 stewards present to ensure that the guidelines were successfully abided by.

After a tense period of official counting, the record was confirmed! Just edging the previous record holders Upgrade Estate who held the record with 433.

Vapiano, the home of fresh pasta, know how to have fun. We did something absolutely crazy and massive and it worked. Our guests loved it and our teams loved it. - Vikki O'Niel, Global Marketing Director at Vapiano

Congratulations to Vapiano and all participants involved in this lip-smacking record!

people celebrate the successful record attempt

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