Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it doesn’t have to be a chore – eating it in bed can make it more fun and enjoyable. 

Staff at Cappy, a 100% juice brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company in South Africa, decided that they loved it so much they wanted to share and serve breakfast in bed to as many people as possible. 

On 30 March, Cappy successfully broke the record for most people eating breakfast in bed with 574 people in Johannesburg


The meal had to consist of two different food items and one beverage. All the items were placed on a tray and covered to make sure they weren't consumed before the attempt. 

The venue was heavily decorated with hanging fruit from the ceiling and each bed had matching orange bed sheets. Even the staff dressed head to toe in different types of fruit! 


A lot of planning went into the event, to make sure the Guinness World Records title was going to be broken, including encouraging enough people to beat the previous record of 418. 

This fun event brought families and friends together in a spectacular display of humanity (also known as Ubuntu).


The record attempt was live-streamed on Cappy’s Facebook page so you could witness the fun (and the nail-biting record announcement) online ! 

Afterwards all 400 single beds (linen and bedding included) were donated to six different charities and hospices in Gauteng, South Africa.


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