A daredevil sportsman will be feeling on top of the world after walking a 100 m slackline faster than anyone before him.

Shi Hailin (China) has claimed the record for fastest 100 m slackline walk with an impressive time of just 1 minute 14.198 seconds.

He took on the daring stunt 1,600 m above sea level at the Guanyindang camp in Mount Wugong, Pingxiang.

Shi Hailin walked more than 222 m overall, across a slackline suspended 100 m above the ground between two hills, and was timed across a marked 100 m zone.

It was a huge challenge, especially when taking the wind speed and the heat into account.


It was also a very foggy day, meaning he only had one chance to complete his attempt with a clear view.

But it all worked out well, with Shi Hailin beating the previous record of 1 min 59.73 secs achieved by Lucas Milliard (France) in 2016.

31-year-old Shi Hailin found himself obsessed with this extreme sport back in 2016, and now he is an exceptional athlete who has won several slackline records in Asia.

He attempted this record to chase his dream and follow his passion for slackline.

He said: "I hope to draw more attention to this aerial sport through my attempt!"

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