A stunning Guinness World Records attempt took place at a high school in Siping, Jilin, China last week as 5,599 exquisitely dressed ladies participated in the Largest gathering of people wearing cheongsam.

Largest gathering of people wearing cheongsam

Organised by the Siping Culture, Radio, Television, News and Publication Bureau, the attempt formed part of the China·Siping Manchu Cultural Forum government initiative that aims to promote Manchu culture and increase tourism in the area.

The record-breaking event honoured the region’s cultural heritage because, although there are many disputes about the origins of cheongsam, one opinion is that it was inspired by features of the chángpáo of Banner People in the Qing dynasty, and Siping city was home to three generations of empresses and twenty six imperial concubines during this period (1644-1912).

Largest gathering of people wearing cheongsam pink

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Angela Wu was on hand to count and verify the record, and ensure everyone was wearing cheongsam.

For those that aren’t familiar with the traditional Chinese gown, cheongsam is a figure-hugging dress with a closed high collar, also known in Mandarin Chinese as 'qipao'.

Most of the participants came from art schools, high schools and primary schools in Siping, but many other local citizens also involved themselves in the event.

Largest gathering of people wearing cheongsam aerial view

Previously the largest gathering of people wearing cheongsam was 3,011 participants, achieved by Liupanshui Plum Blossom Mountain Eco-culture Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (China) in Liupanshui, Guizhou, China on 29 July 2016.