Record-breaking roundup honoring National OREO Cookie Day

National OREO Cookie Day is here and to celebrate, we have a roundup of OREO’s sweetest record-breaking achievements to date!

From creating the largest OREO cookie in the world to organizing the ultimate cookie dunking relay, the iconic brand is no stranger to record feats.

OREO’s record history goes way back to 2009 where the brand organized a title attempt for the largest blind taste test in Spain.

But first, let’s start with OREO’s latest achievement from just over a month ago and work our way back into its record-breaking history and beyond.

Most people dunking cookies simultaneously (multiple venues)

Most people dunking cookies simultaneously (multiple venues)

On 30 January 2020, Mondelēz International hosted a record-breaking celebration after reaching a major milestone of $3.1 billion in annual net revenues for the OREO brand.

Team members from across the world were invited to help set the record for the most people dunking cookies simultaneously (multiple venues) as part of a live streaming event.

Employees from 55 locations representing 32 countries around the globe tuned in and set a new record title with a total of 5,066 employees dunking.

“We’re incredibly proud to be celebrating this sales milestone with the OREO brand, and taking a playful moment to recognize this achievement with the full Mondelēz International family around the world,” said Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of Mondelēz International.

“We’re looking forward to the continued growth of the brand, and hopefully to many more records to come!”

Largest cream filled biscuit

Largest cream filled biscuit

When the newest factory producing OREO cookies in the Middle East opened for business, Mondelēz Bahrain Biscuits W.L.L celebrated by creating the largest cream filled biscuit on 16 April 2018.

The giant OREO cookie weighed 73.4 kg (161 lb. 13 oz.) and was made with the real dough and cream used in the standard-sized OREO, which typically weigh 11.3 g per cookie.

After the record was verified by an official adjudicator, the massive OREO was distributed amongst factory plant employees with another portion sent to a social gathering event in a Bahraini village on 18 April 2018.

Longest biscuit (cookie) dunking relay

In 2017, OREO and Walmart (both USA) sought to strengthen shoppers’ love for the OREO by reminding them of the fun involved in twisting, licking, and dunking their cookies.

The two brands worked together to create an award-winning campaign around a title attempt for the longest biscuit (cookie) dunking relay, attracting hundreds of participants to a Walmart parking lot in Orlando, Florida on 25 February 2017.

The campaign featured an exclusive Snapchat filter and a Facebook live stream for people across the world to experience the action in real time.

Largest concertina book

Largest concertina book

As part of its “Play with OREO” campaign in China, OREO attempted to build the largest concertina book, a type of pop-up book.

Using new 3D printing technology, the brand encouraged consumers to take selfies for a chance to win the opportunity to have their picture 3D printed on an OREO cookie to be included in the record.

300 selfies were then chosen from over 100,000 uploaded to the campaign site, and were featured in the concertina book when it was assembled on 13 November 2015.

Once completed, the record-breaking book measured a total of 60.87 m² (655.2 ft²).

Most ‘Likes’ on a Facebook item in 24 hours

In 2011, OREO called upon its Facebook community of 16 million fans from around the world to help set a new record for the most ‘Likes’ on a Facebook item in 24 hours.

The attempt began on 15 February when OREO posted from its official Facebook channel, asking fans to ’like’ its post to support the cookie brand in becoming the world’s “Most Liked.”

Once the 24-hour time period concluded, Guinness World Records confirmed the success of the record with a total of 114,619 'likes'.

OREO’s record-breaking feat instantly inspired others to attempt stealing the title.

Just one day following OREO’s achievement, rapper, Lil Wayne announced via his Facebook platform that he would be going after the same title, asking fans for help by ‘liking’ his post.

After 24 hours, Lil Wayne had received a total of 588,243 ‘likes’, surpassing OREO’s record by a landslide.

The rapper’s record has since been broken by former USA President Barack Obama, who has remained the title holder of this record since 7 November 2012 with a total of 3,868,253 'likes'.

Largest blind taste test

Largest blind taste test

Back in 2009, OREO and Nabisco organized a record attempt in Madrid, Spain for the largest blind taste test.

A total of 1,471 people participated in the record-breaking experiment by tasting two different cookies – an OREO and an imitation – blindfolded, with the aim of guessing which of them was the real OREO.

Families attended together to enjoy the “OREO ritual” of twisting the cookie open, licking the cream, and dunking the biscuit in milk - a feature that differentiates the authentic OREO from other cookies.

Among these six (6) remarkable record feats, OREO has also achieved several other titles throughout the years including the largest box of biscuits with Tmall Super Brand Day in China (2016), the most people dunking cookies in both India (2013) and Argentina (2012), as well as the biggest selling cookie worldwide (2011), after reaching total sales in excess of 500 billion since the brands’ introduction in the United States in 1912.

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