split image vehicle drift on ice

A record for drifting on ice was attempted in the cold northeast region of China in January 2022. 

Racing driver Wang Dongjiang, aged 58, successfully broke the Guinness World Records title for the longest continuous vehicle drift on ice by driving his car on the ice for 6.231 km (3.87 miles) continuously.

The challenge site was located on the lake of Meilong Lake Park in Meilongkou, Jilin Province, China.

track on the ice

The temperature on the day was about -10℃ to -20℃ and the thickness of the ice was about 40 cm.

The perimeter of the artificially built "track" was tested to be 311.58 meters.

car drifting on ice

On the day of the challenge, Wang Dongjiang drove the car on the track and drifted for 23 laps, taking 15 minutes.

As well as the adjudicator, they had specialist witnesses onsite to count and verify the whole process of the attempt. Wang Dongjiang has participated in the China Drifting Competition more than once and has won second and third place. 

After close counting and checking, the record-breaking distance was confirmed at 6.231 km (3.87 miles).

GWR adjudicater with drifting expert

The event was held by the Northeast Meihekou City Cultural Industry Development Group and supported by the local government, aiming to promote local tourism and also echoing the Beijing Winter Olympic that were running at the same time as this event. 

There were about hundreds of visitors who watched the attempt take place.

starting gun shot signaled the start of the attempt

In addition to the official attempt, the organizers also conducted a two-week ice and light show in the park to attract more visitors.