Jaguar and Hot Wheels record achievement

Jaguar Land Rover made history at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show after taking home the record for the most loop-the-loops in a Hot Wheels track during the unveiling of its latest F-Type car series. 

Just a day before the Auto Show, Jaguar and Hot Wheels along with American author and avid Hot Wheels toys and accessories collector, Mike Zarnock (all USA), set the record with a total of 7 loops, using a custom-made Hot Wheels concept car to do so.

Jaguar record holder

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicator, Philip Robertson, was onsite during the attempt on 5 February to confirm the record in real time.

Official adjudicator announcing record achievement

He also made an appearance at the Chicago Auto Show the following day where attendees had an opportunity to witness the official certificate presentation in person along with a special video viewing of the record achievement in action. 

Jaguar and Hot Wheels also announced the launch of their Ultimate Track Challenge – a collegiate engineering competition requiring teams of college students to partner with local Jaguar dealerships to attempt building the most challenging, record-breaking, Hot Wheels’ tracks.

Jaguar and Hot Wheels Ultimate Track Challenge announcement

Students will then have the chance to set a record at various events for the F-Type throughout April and the team with the most challenging track will walk away with a $50,000 donation to the scholarship fund of the winning college.

Teams have already begun entering the competition, with the first being a group of students from the Illinois Institute of Technology who is partnering with Jaguar Land Rover Orland Park.

Record-breaking track being placed down 

They, along with many other challengers, will be aiming to surpass Jaguar’s current 7 loop record, measured at a total of 34 feet in length.

Jaguar’s record-breaking track was built solely using Hot Wheels and was fully unassisted by power boosters, which is not an easy task to accomplish.  

But Jaguar Land Rover is no stranger to official record feats.

Jaguar's 2015 record achievement with Terry Grant

In 2015, Jaguar and British stunt driver, Terry Grant, set the record for the largest loop-the-loop in a car to reveal the Jaguar F-PACE, where Grant successfully completed a daunting 19.08 m (62 ft 7.1 in) tall, 360 degree circle, while in the vehicle.

Farthest barrel roll in a production vehicle

Two years later in 2017, Jaguar partnered up with Terry Grant again to achieve another record title for the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle for the launch of its E-PACE.

Fastest towed speed on skis record attempt

Less than three months later, the car company teamed up with former Olympic skier, Graham Bell, to achieve yet another title for the fastest towed speed on skis and this time, it was the Jaguar Land Rover XF Sportbrake that pulled the Olympian at a speed of 189.07 km/h (117.48 mph) to their record-breaking victory. 

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