Jaguar’s all-new practical sports car the F-PACE whizzed into the record books yesterday at the Niederrad Racecourse in Germany, after successfully completing a daunting 19.08 m tall, 360 degree circle – taking the title for the Largest loop the loop in a car ever.
The incredible unveiling of the car, prior to its global motor show debut in Frankfurt today, saw it withstand extreme forces of 6.5G in a thrilling effort by the car manufacturer to demonstrate that the vehicle combines agility, speed and performance.
The F-PACE was expertly driven by daring British stunt driver Terry Grant after two months of intense physical and dietary preparation, with the international pro driver having to make sure his body was ready to withstand G-Force more severe than that experienced by space shuttle pilots.
Speaking after the attempt, Terry said: “Driving the world’s largest loop tonight was a very proud moment in my career ... I am delighted to bring the Guinness World Records title back to the UK and help Jaguar run rings around their competitors ahead of the motor show tomorrow.”

Driver Terry Grant is no stranger to Guinness World Records recognition, as he holds records for a variety of impressive motoring stunts, including Most consecutive donut spins while standing on the roof of a car (10), Fastest mile driven in reverse (1 min 37.02 sec) and Most people in a car during a side wheelie (6).
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