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Nissan has launched its new Patrol Falcon 4x4 by performing a car dance in the shape of the bird its car is named after.

Making the shape of a big falcon, 180 vehicles completed the Largest synchronized car dance at the Dubai Rugby 7s stadium, breaking the previous best by 36 cars and giving Nissan NMEF the record.

The attempt was led by Zimbabwean racing driver Axcil Jefferies as two lines of cars drove in opposite directions to make the shape of the desert falcon.

Kalyana Sivagnanam, Regional Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Nissan AMI and President of Nissan Middle East Stated: "At Nissan we are committed to bringing our customers 'innovation that excites', and we are thrilled to have broken yet another Guinness World Records title with the Nissan Patrol.


"The Patrol family holds a unique and special place in the hearts of people in the Middle East, and we have seen highly encouraging year-on-year sales increases across the entire range.

"We believe the launches of the Patrol Falcon, Gazelle and Gazelle-X will continue the car’s proud legacy as one of the only true all-terrain vehicles of its time, and this new Guinness World Records title will further cement the Patrol’s legendary status in the region."

"What makes this achievement even more special is the fact that everyone who took part in the record-breaking attempt was Nissan staff," added Juergen Schmitz, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East.


This Guinness World Records title marks the second achievement for the Nissan Patrol as the car managed to achieve the Fastest time to ascend a 100-m sand dune by a car in only 4.9 seconds in August 2015 in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Moreover, the Fastest vehicle drift was achieved when Masato Kawbata (Japan) reached 304.96 km driving a Nissan GT-R Nismo at Fujairah International Airport, UAE, in April 2016.

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