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On July 18, 2021 at Plaza Coahuila, Saltillo, Mexico, an exciting and special moment happened when the Municipality of Saltillo achieved the Guinness World Records title for largest matachine/matlachine dance with a total of 653 participants. 
With the purpose of highlighting the traditions and cultural values of the region, the Municipality of Saltillo organized, planned and executed this attempt under the framework of the "Saltillo International Culture Festival 2021" celebrating the City’s 444th anniversary. 
Matlachines Dancing with Orange Dress
This dance is an expression of cultural, folkloric and religious traditions and is an essential part of Saltillo's identity. More than 60 matlachines groups from all over the state of Coahuila participated in the ceremony, which was attended by men and women of all ages who seek to promote this tradition and pass it from generation to generation.
The world's largest matachine/matlachine dance aimed to represent the Catholic celebration that originates from the customs of the pre-Hispanic peoples when dancing to their gods. This dance is performed as an offering to a supreme being, mainly the Virgin of Guadalupe and other religious figures.
Matlachines Dancing in the Plaza
It was a colorful and popular event that filled its dancers and spectators with pride. It was organized a long time in advance, several rehearsals were held in order to be prepared for the dance and it was a very special moment for the whole city, also because this represents something very important for them to receive a Guinness World Records title. It was a party that will be remembered throughout history, and the most important thing is that the people took ownership of it," said Mr. Iván Márquez, Director of the Municipal Institute of Culture of Saltillo.
 The members stood out for their discipline, commitment and magnificent costumes; they danced to the wonderful rhythm of drums and violins, moving from the Mirador de Saltillo park until they reached the Plaza Coahuila where the official attempt was made. 
 Matlachines at the plaza of Coahuila
The Official Adjudicator of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, Carlos Tapia, made sure that the event complied with all the previously established regulations and that the dance complied with the COVID-19 safety protocols.  
 Carlos Tapia was also responsible for giving the Saltillo community this memorable recognition.
“Personally, I was surprised by the effort and unity that was achieved among all the groups of dancers in this official endeavor” said Carlos Tapia.
 Congratulations, Municipio de Saltillo. You are Officially Amazing!
 Largest Matlachines Dance holding the oficial certificate