Split image showcasing towers surrounded by light and laser shows in Saudi Arabia

Noor Riyadh is one of the largest light and art festivals in the world, and was celebrated recently in its second edition in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

This year, the festival tripled in size and tripled in record-breaking achievements!

Some of you might remember that Noor Riyadh broke two world records last year. This time however, they managed to achieve six.

People watching Noor Riyadh light festival in Saudi Arabia

The record titles that the event achieved were:

  • Largest light art festival – consisting of 201 items
  • Most multirotors/drones performing an aerial dance display - 1,990
  • Largest laser show (area covered) - 14,459,160 m² (155,637,102 ft² 135 in²)
  • Longest distance covered by a laser light show - 6.01 km (19,717.8 ft)
  • Highest mesh screen on a building - 203.508 m (667 ft 20 in)
  • Largest mesh screen on a building - 1,603 m²

Record breaking drone show in Saudi Arabia

Noor Riyadh 2022 (''Noor'' which means ''light'' in Arabic) was themed this year under 'We Dream of New Horizons'. It featured the work of more than 130 artists.

The festival welcomed over 1.5 million visitors across artworks spread out citywide in more than 40 locations.

'The order of chaos: chaos in order' saw a swarm of drones take to the skies of Riyadh, choreographed by artist and visual designer Marc Brickman.

The aerial installation, which featured 1,990 drones, was guided by music and saw the individual drones "spinning in chaos" while combining together to create vast shapes and patterns in the sky.

@gwrarabic أكبر عرض راقص لطائرات بدون طيار 1,990 طائرة من قبل احتفال الرياض السنوي للضوء والفن (نور الرياض) (المملكة العربية السعودية @noorriyadhfest ♬ original sound - Guinness World Records Arabic

Next up was a spectacular laser show titled 'Pulse of Light' created by artist Yann Kersale in collaboration with show designer Martin Arnaud and Zedd, who produced a soundtrack for the work.

The show broke two records for the largest laser show (area covered) and longest distance covered by a laser light show. The lasers beamed across one of Riyadh’s main roads, connecting the city's most iconic skyscrapers with light.

The show also broke two additional records for the largest and highest mesh screen on a building, which was installed on the Kingdom Tower. The mesh screen illuminated captivating abstract forms.

"Noor Riyadh provides a platform for emerging and established artists to share their ideas here and beyond. To see a Saudi-created initiative break records and put the nation in the forefront of the global art scene as the largest light art festival in the world, creates a moment of pride." - His Highness Prince Badr bin Farhan Al Saud, Board Member and Chairman for Riyadh Art

Noor Riyadh last year broke two world records, which were:

  • Brightest suspended ornament1.2 Million lumens and was achieved by Koert Vermeulen (Belgium) at Noor Riyadh Festival
  • Largest LED structure 272,160 LEDs and was achieved by Karolina Halatek (Poland) at Noor Riyadh Festival

We can’t wait to see what more incredible records they achieve in the future.

The largest LED structure from the inside and outside