Lori Keeton achieves epic wake surf record

Indiana native and business owner of Floors for You, Lori Keeton (USA), has officially shattered the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the longest time spent surfing a wave (female).

Lori Keeton during wakesurf record attempt

After surfing on Raccoon Lake in Rockville, Indiana for a total of eight hours on 8 June, the record was confirmed a success with Lori having tripled the woman’s record and more than doubled the current men’s record.

As an aunt to three nephews in the marines, Lori had planned and trained for this attempt for three years to raise awareness and funds for Wake for Warriors, a non-profit organization that teaches veterans and their families water sports.

Certificate presentation after successful attempt

Lori has been surfing for 16 years and has taught hundreds of people how to wake surf, which involves surfing the wave behind a wake of a boat and was the type of surfing performed during this attempt. 

Lori spent the attempt smiling, laughing, and conversing with the people on the back of the boat while singing along to her favourite surfing music which was blaring from the boat as well.

Lori during attempt to raise awareness for Wake for Warriors

Bystanders lined the outer bank of the lake and cheered Lori on as she passed them by. 

“I drew so much energy from all of the fans,” said Lori of her experience.

“I was wearing an apple watch, so I could see people were texting me and messages were coming in, I just didn’t want to stop!”

Group certificate photo with official adjudicator

An official adjudicator was also on the boat to confirm the record in real time and present Lori with her certificate once the attempt concluded. 

Lori explained that she felt great following the attempt and could have surfed for longer than eight hours.

Lori surfing during attempt

She plans to double her record next year when she attempts the record for a second time.

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