Egg producer St. Ewe has broken a cracking record featuring the humble egg.

Spanning the Cornwall seaside, two teams managed to carry an egg over a journey that claimed the greatest distance to carry an egg in one week (team) from 3-7 July 2023.

The egg company based in Cornwall, wanted to give back to their community and key food, farming and hospitality industries.

St Ewe employees participate in greatest distance to carry one egg team record

Dubbed by St. Ewe as the 'The Great Cornish Egg and Spoon race' saw individual businesses from across the Southwest and UK join in to support.

The two teams, appropriately named 'The Great Eggsplorers' and 'Team Eggstreme' raced along the North and South coast to Land's End.

St Ewe distance egg record

To tap into the nostalgic British tradition, an egg and spoon race was incorporated into the attempt. 

The route across Cornwall was chosen to appreciate the beauty of the county and the rural communities that come with it.

Both teams undertook lots of walking into their routine before the official attempt, in their group named 'The Red-Hot Chilli Steppers' would get together every weekend for months.

St Ewe continue their walk across the cornish coastline

On the day of the attempt, both teams followed the stunning Southwest coast path from their respective start points at Cremyll in the South and Marsland Mouth in the North.

To maximise their distance, start times began at 5 a.m at St. Ewe HQ in Grampound and each team stocked up on breakfast before heading for their walk.

The days were long, and the final leg of each day would finish anytime between 7-9 p.m. ; both teams planned the routes to maximise daylight hours, so nobody had to walk in the dark. 

Altogether, 20 members of St. Ewe's employees were involved in at least 1 of the 30 legs.

St Ewe team nears a finish line

Walking along a coastline presents a lot of challenges due to the weather. While St. Ewe were lucky with sunny weather conditions, they had to battle gale-force winds.

Then there are, of course, seagulls! This resulted in participants keeping an eagle eye out for the safety of their egg.

Local woodsmith Dominic Pearce created special spoons used for the attempt, which helped keep the egg in place.

St Ewe south team at the finish at lands end

The final distance achieved was 247.23 km (158.9 miles) and this impressive feat raised £38,000 for Hospitality Action and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

It was important for St. Ewe to raise awareness of the challenges being faced by the farming, food and hospitality service sectors and the awe-inspiring work that goes on to keep us fed, watered, safe and happy.

We really want to raise awareness in a positive way, of how Cornwall is known for its thriving hospitality scene, however over the past few years, the region has been particularly impacted by challenges such as Covid and the cost-of-living crisis. The ever-popular tourist destination holds many untold stories of hardship and struggles the farming, food and hospitality industry has had to face to stay afloat. We are proud to have raised awareness, and money, through a light-hearted but competitive event, which saw many supporters along the way, and as we crossed the finish line. - Rebecca Tonks, CEO of St. Ewe

Congratulations, St. Ewe on your amazing achievement!

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