Christ the Redeemer statue from Rio in the largest stairwell mural

How much time would you need to visit six continents? Days, months, years? Well why not do it in one building?

The Italian branch of insurance company Allianz has achieved the world's largest stairwell mural with a piece of art that depicts instantly recognisable skylines and architectural highlights from across the world across more than 50 floors.

The Capitol Building

To be more exact: sights from six continents and a total of 34 countries across Europe, Africa, North and South America, Oceania, and Asia across 53 floors inside Allianz Tower in Milan, Italy.

The Allianz Tower

Some of the places you can recognise include: 

  • The Colosseum, Rome
  • The Lotus Temple, Delhi
  • Tower Bridge, London
  • Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
  • Machu Picchu, Peru

The Pyramids, Egypt

  • National Parliament House, Papua New Guinea
  • Weta Cave,New Zealand
  • United States Capitol, Washington D.C.
  • Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena, Germany

The mural measures 2,980.59 m² (32,082.80 ft²) and took four months to complete after being conceived by Allianz S.p.A. and its corporate foundation, Allianz UMANA MENTE Foundation. 

Largest stairwell mural Paris

The initiative was developed in partnership with the street art duo Orticanoodles, the Arrigo and Pia Pini Foundation, and 20 non-profit organisations to use art in order to help people with disabilities and youngsters in difficult economic and social situations.

Largest stairwell mural Cuba

Eight Orticanoodles street artists laid the background colours and drew the buildings and city profile outlines before helping more than 700 Allianz Group employees and 100 volunteers, made up of those with disabilities and disadvantaged young people, to fill them in.

Largest stairwell mural Rome Colosseum

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