A huge mosaic made from 10,000 cans, bottles and aluminium has been made to encourage people to recycle and help the environment.

More than 100 volunteers from across Lebanon gathered for 10 days in the coastal city of Dbayeh, to help piece together the Largest recyclable material mosaic (image) – officially achieved by Memories Events Management (UAE) and MTV SAL (Lebanon).

The final sketch showing the design

Measuring 971.37 m² (1,0455 ft² 106 in²), the image was made up of more than 10000 recyclable pieces. 

The outline of the image mapped out on the ground

The scene created was of two sailing boats on the sea, followed by 18 birds on a sunny day and was designed by Lebanese artist, Pierre Abboud.

Speaking bout the reasoning behind the mosaic, Wael Jaber, Managing Director of Memories Events Management said: "There is a problem in Lebanon, but most people who live here are still watching the negative. They always blame the government." 

More materials are positioned

"They have to start thinking differently. They can help change the situation. If they believe it is possible."

More than 250 guests attended the adjudication on 29 July including Paula Yacoubian (a member of the Lebanese Parliament), environmental enthusiasts, visitors and press.

Volunteers working on the mosaic

"We can do nice things with dirt," added Pierre Abboud.

"Let's have a little more hope and a lot more motivation. We must not wait for the municipalities, the government and the institutions to take the lead."

The completed image

The event also offered food, music, entertainment and a dedicated art exhibition for several Lebanese artists encouraging local artists.

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