Largest cake ball

On Sunday, Sheffield Wednesday baked the world’s Largest cake ball to celebrate the football club’s 150th anniversary and their Owls in the Park 2017 event.

The mouth-watering treat weighed in at a whopping 285 kilograms – 231 kg heavier than it need to be to achieve the Guinness World Records title.

“The queue outside the door suggests that there will definitely not be any wastage,” our adjudicator Jack Brockbank reported back to us after he’d made the official record announcement.

Largest cake ball slicing

The cake was in the design of a giant football and was decorated in The Owls’s logo and colours.

Created by the club’s catering team, led by Head Chef Rob Cox, the recipe included 278 kg of flour, 277 kg of butter, 277 kg of sugar and 4,443 eggs.

According to The London Economic, Club Spokesman Trevor Braithwait said: “Around 15,000 people visited the stadium during the Owls in the Park event so we decided to attempt a record with a football shaped cake.

“The cake was really well received by all of our fans, with over a thousand queuing up in an orderly fashion to grab a slice.

“To be officially recognised the cake had to be made and eaten on the same day.

“Thanks to our fans we achieved the tall order and broke the record so it was a great success.”

Largest cake ball certificate presentation

Owls in the Park 2017 is Sheffield Wednesday’s annual fun day for fans, celebrating the club’s creation on 4 September 1867.

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