A giant Oreo cookie weighing 73.4 kg (161 lb 13 oz) has been produced to mark the opening of a new factory in Bahrain which will produce the popular snack.

Staff at Mondelēz Bahrain Biscuits W.L.L. produced the supersize snack, now the Largest cream filled biscuit, to announce the latest addition to Mondelēz International’s growing Middle East presence on Monday 16 April.

With a normal Oreo weighing 11.3 g, this new record breaker is 6,495 times bigger than what you find in a standard packet.

largest cream filled biscuit1

The enormous Oreo blitzed the previous record of 28.24 kg (62 lb 4 oz) set Hoppe Food Group & Midden Brabant College in The Netherlands back in 2011.

Baked in Manama, Bahrain, the record-breaking cookie is made with the real dough and cream used in regular-sized Oreos. 

Largest cream filled biscuit2

The record was verified by a Guinness World Records adjudicator measuring all weights and ensuring all guidelines were met. 

Mohamed Shalaby, Director at Mondelez Bahrain Biscuits W.L.L., said: "We are extremely proud to have broken a world record for the largest cream-filled cookie at our newly established manufacturing plant in Bahrain."


"I would like to congratulate the Bahrain biscuits team for their determination to achieve this milestone; it was wonderful to see the team come together and join forces to make history, especially at such a momentous occasion with the official plant inauguration taking place."

After the verification and the ceremony, the Oreo was distributed among plant employees with another portion sent to a social gathering event in a Bahraini villages (attended by 150 people) on Wednesday 18 April.

Largest cream filled biscuit3

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