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Former professional basketballer Jason Pryor (USA) specialized in scoring three-pointers throughout his career, and he’s now set two records to prove he’s still among the world’s best. 

The 44-year-old sharpshooter has broken the record for the most basketball three pointers in one minute with a total of 33, beating the previous record of 31, achieved by Anthony Miracola in 2019.

Jason has also become the first person to be awarded the record for the most basketball three pointers in 30 seconds, netting a total of 18. Up until now, everyone who’d attempted to set the record had failed to meet the minimum requirement of 15 successful shots.

A three pointer is a shot scored from anywhere outside the three-point line, a designated arc which is 7.23 m (23 ft 9 in) away from the basket.

“As a shooter, I’ve always wanted to test my skill,” said Jason, who now works as a basketball shooting coach and P.E. teacher.

During his younger years, Jason was one of the top three-point shooters at Longwood University, an NCAA Division 1 college. In the 2001-02 season, he scored over 40% of his three-point attempts.

A severe ankle injury sustained during his senior year kept Jason from being drafted to the NBA, however, he went on to enjoy a successful career in Europe, playing professionally in six different countries.

During one season in Estonia, he scored an astonishing 51% of all the three pointers he threw. 

Jason Pryor shooting a 3 pointer

Jason Pryor scoring a three pointer

Speaking about his record attempts, he said: “[They] are extremely difficult because of the accuracy and speed required from such a long distance.

“I knew a successful attempt would not happen overnight. I was on a strong diet of patience, disappointment, and resilience for many weeks.”

All of Jason’s practise paid off as he made it look easy during both official attempts, speedily sinking shot after shot.

During the 30-second attempt, he only missed one shot!

Jason says he prepared by studying “the art of shooting” from some of the world’s best. His favourite players to watch are Michael Jordan, Steve Nash, Steph Curry, Luka Doncic, and Paul George.

Jason describes his technique as follows: “Balanced feet, eyes on the front of the rim from any angle, shooting elbow bent at 45 degrees, hands spread wide across the ball, a crisp wrist flick, and an exaggerated follow through.

“My tip for beginners would be to work at becoming elite, shooting from the mid-range distance first, before backing up to the three-point line. Many young players are putting the cart before the horse!”

Jason Pryor holding a basketball

Jason adds his two new Guinness World Records titles to the one he achieved back in 2021: the most basketball three pointers in one minute with a single ball. He achieved a total of 12, equalling Anthony Miracola’s record set in 2020. This record title differs from Jason’s latest one-minute record because he had to retrieve and shoot the same ball after each shot, rather than using multiple balls.

Jason is planning to reattempt it soon to become the outright holder, although he acknowledges that it will be difficult to do.

“These particular shooting records are very challenging and strenuous,” he said. “I commend and respect all of the record holders before me.”

Jason relishes the challenge though, and he plans to continue breaking different basketball records to cement himself as the world’s best shooter.

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