Colombian juggles and solves three puzzle cubes shattering record

By Connie Suggitt
rotating puzzle cube juggling split image with close up of cubes

Angel Alvarado (Colombia) has broken the record for the fastest time to solve three rotating puzzle cubes whilst juggling with a phenomenal time of 4 min 31.01 sec.

The 19-year-old set the record in Bogota, Colombia, on 1 April 2022.

Angel was competing against himself for this record, as he also held the previous time of 4 min 52.43 sec, which he achieved in May 2021.

Angel trained for two years to achieve his first record, finding lots of time to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. 

The first obstacle was figuring out how to solve a single cube while juggling, which took him five months. Once he harnessed the skill, he added more cubes into the rotation. 

Angel Alvarado solving three rotating puzzle cubes whilst juggling

It took him a further four months to be able to solve three efficiently.

It takes immense dexterity and concentration to be able to rotate the cubes while they’re flying through the air, keeping track of what cube is where and how many turns each has had. 

His training involved one-hour solves for just one cube, as well as three-cube attempts with focus on consistency and accuracy.

He wanted to prove to himself that with practice and a tonne of determination, he could achieve something this difficult. 

"It would mean a lot to me since it would be the first both juggling and speedcubing world record of Colombia, and would be cool to be the first person who achieved that." - Angel Alvarado on the prospect of achieving a Guinness World Records title

Fastest time to solve three rotating puzzle cubes whilst juggling mid attempt

The history of the record

The record for the fastest time to solve three rotating puzzle cubes whilst juggling was first set on 23 December 2017 by Que Jianyu (China) when he was just 13 years old.

He wowed the audience on the set of the Chinese TV show iDream, by achieving the feat in 5 minutes and 6.61 seconds. Afterwards, clips of his awesome record attempt went viral online. 

Then, on 17 November 2018, Que Jianyu bettered his own record on the set of another TV show, La Notte dei Record, this time in Italy. He managed to shave over 4 seconds off his record in another nail-biting attempt. 

Four years later, Angel has cut down Que Jianyu’s original record time by over 30 seconds. 

Who knows who will break this impressive record next!

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