M M tallest stack

The Guinness World Records title for the tallest stack of M&M's® has been taken to new heights by Will Cutbill (UK), who managed to balance five of the chocolate sweets on top of each other. 

This breaks the previous record of four that was jointly held by Silvio Sabba (Italy) and Brendan Kelbie (Australia).

Will attempted this record in his hometown of Solihull, UK, on 31 January 2021.

He got the idea while he was munching through a bag of M&M's® during the UK’s third lockdown. 

"One day in lockdown I was mixing up my confectionary choice, usually I’m a chocolate bar type of guy but this time the bag of M&M's® called me and boy am I glad they did!" Will said. 

He suddenly wondered how many he could stack on top of each other and started having a go. 

"At first it wasn’t very many until one day I thought right let’s crack this, so I sat down very determined to complete it."

will cutbill holding a bag of m and ms

"As you can tell from my video [I] was absolutely ecstatic when I achieved it!"

But it wasn’t just a personal achievement he was after – Will had his sight set on something bigger. 

"I’ve had a lifelong ambition to break a Guinness World Records title, I’ve always wanted one. I’ve bought the books every year and have always dreamed of one day reading my name in it."

Will's record-breaking M&M's® stack

When Will found out his record had been confirmed, he said it felt "absolutely amazing".

"It’s actual madness that I can now say I’m a Guinness World Records title holder! That’s something I’ve dreamed about my whole life! I’m whacking it straight onto the Insta bio."

Despite breaking a record that takes extreme patience and dexterity, Will confessed that he doesn’t actually have much of a talent for balancing. 

"My balance is awful I can barely stand on one leg! But I have a talent for chocolate - of any variety stacked, balanced or just simply eaten!"

M M tallest stack record

Will’s biggest piece of advice? 

Take your time.

"This record took me an awful long time (thank goodness we were in a lockdown). It takes time but if you stick at it you will find a way to do it," he said. 

However, it seems Will isn’t going to stop at a record-breaking stack of M&M's®.

"This has inspired me, I want to let my creative juices flow, see what else I may be good at and then attack it with the same determination I did here!"

Perhaps Smarties® are next on his list?