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Social media is the only place where going viral is considered a good thing.

And it certainly looks like our fans caught the record-breaking bug in 2023!

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back on some of our best YouTube Shorts. You can expect iconic human body records, incredible food feats, awe-inspiring skills, and so much more…

Human body

Proving that good things come in small packages, our most popular Short ever is a clip of the world’s shortest woman living Jyoti Amge (India) on the set of our Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record.

In the short clip, Jyoti holds hands with a glamorous presenter before twirling for the cameras.

You liked it so much you watched it 194 million times!

And the inspirational story of USA supermom Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra’s record for most breastmilk donated by an individual struck a chord with so many of you it was viewed 21 million times.

She has a condition that means she doesn’t stop lactating and she donates her milk to babies who need it.

You also couldn’t get enough of USA man Braydon McCullough’s largest tongue circumference, and watched it over 4,000 times.

front angle of Braydon inflating tongue

He can blow his tongue up to 16 cm (6.3 in) and you loved seeing him measure it and compare it to a lemon.

You also loved the unveiling of the longest competitive mullet (female) belonging to Tami Manis (USA) – at least enough to watch it 190,000 times.

It measures an extraordinary 172.72 cm (5 ft 8 in) long.

Food and drink

When it comes to speed eating, multiple record holder Leah Shutkever (UK) is pretty hard to beat.

A Short of her smashing the fastest time to eat a burrito (32.35 seconds) has been viewed a delicious 88 million times.

While a satisfying clip of Canadian chef Wallace Wong achieving the most slices of cucumber sliced in 30 seconds (166) was watched 29 million times.

Wallace slicing cucumber

A video counting the Scoville Heat Units of Pepper X – the new world’s hottest chilli pepper - was viewed 102,000 times.

It took the title from the Carolina Reaper with a whopping 2,693,000 SHU!

And a stunning clip of a model stepping into the largest wearable cake dress (supported) earned 298,000 views.

Created by SweetyCakes (Austria), it weighs 131.15 kg (289 lb 13 oz) and looked as tasty as it did heavy.

Mad skills

A show-stopping clip of young Shrishti Sharma (India) performing the fastest time to limbo skate over 50 metres in just 6.94 seconds was a huge hit with our fans – you watched it 87 million times!

And Indian man Aditya Pacholy’s lightning-quick turban wrapping was also a big hit.

The moment he clinches the fastest time to tie a turban record with a time of 14.12 seconds has been viewed 17 million times.

Aditya standing next to tied turban

Serial record breaker David Rush (USA) delighted millions of you this year by stamping on a long line of balloons.

He set the record for fastest time to burst 100 balloons with the feet in 22.38 seconds and of course ended it with his signature “COME ON!” It’s been viewed 2.5 million times.

And Italy’s Rocco Mercurio smashing the fastest time to flip three water bottles has racked up 129,000 views.

He did it in just 0.97 seconds and his reaction at the end is just as joyful as Rush’s.

Let’s get physical

A fast-paced clip of Kirato Hitaka (Japan) performing the most jump rope revolutions in a single skip was viewed 21 million times. The rope moves so quickly you can’t even see it!

The farthest standing sideways jump – 2.83 m (9 ft 3 in) by Lorenz Wetscher (Austria) was another big hit with 5.1 million views.

Maybe you loved seeing the skeleton version of him leaping like no skeleton has ever leaped before.

Best of the rest

We bet you’ve never seen a pup as tiny as shortest dog Pearl before!

You were so stunned by her 9.14 cm (3.59 in) stature that you watched a clip of her 131,000 times.

Pearl stood next to a cup

And Bollywood star Akshay Kumar (India) impressed with his most selfies in three minutes record, racking up 253,000 views.

His fans lined up at the premiere of his new movie Selfiee to pose for 184 snaps with him.

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